Szimfonik Live 3.0

One day before the Hungarian Song Day, on 7 September 2013 the Millenárius park will fill with life, music and other programs on the Public Media Day. On this day you could see and hear the Hungarian Radio 2’s, or Petőfi Radio’s annual concert, the Szimfonik Live 3.0.

MusicOn this concert 30 popular artists will show their hits, what will be escorted by the Hungarian Radio’s symphonic band. The result will be the shake of classic and pop music.

The first time when the MTVA showed the Szimfonik Live was in 2011 on the 0 day of popular Sziget Festival. The initiative got huge success, so the organizers decided to make a tradition from the concert, and the interested audience is getting bigger and bigger in every year.

The 30 artists, who will give concert, are the Hungarian pop music life’s most outstanding members. Nonetheless we warmly recommend: visit the concert or the whole day program to meet better for example the Hungarian music life. Between the artists there will be band or solo, rock, reggae, pop, alternative and hip hop, so everybody could find the perfect program for themselves, even if only for one or two songs.

If you will be in Budapest on 7 September 2013 on the Public Media Day, visit the Millenáris park and enjoy the whole day cool shows, programs and exhibitions!

Szimfonik Live 3.0

September 7th
Millenáris Park