Train strike from midnight (October 18) – FINISHED

Train strike in Hungary
Train strike in Hungary

It has been a long time since we have been reporting about strikes in Budapest. There was a period in the end of 2008 and in the start of 2009 when there were continues strikes at the Ferihegy Airport, but since then things have improved a little. But now the train workers are unsatisfied (again), so from midnight (October 19, 00.00) most people will start striking which means that most trains will be standing still tomorrow morning and on for an unknown amount of time.

For train information check out the link, but I guess those planning to use train tomorrow should find out something else to do. This means that the train leaving from Ferihegy Airport to the inner city will be very insecure tomorrow, so why not choose an airport transfer instead?

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 9.53)
Its now 9.53 AM, October 19, and I read in some newspapers that there are heavy delays and big problems for those wanting to use the railway in Hungary. But, it is also said that more and more people is returning to their jobs, so it might be that things will smoothen out a bit more during the day.

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 13:43)
I just read that the strike is finished, and that all railway traffic should return to its normal way and schedules within some hours!