Tons of Lufthansa flights cancelled today

Lufthansa Strike BudapestWe wrote about the Lufthansa strike earlier this week, and it caused some cancellations of flights on both Wednesday and Thursday. But, until today it has only been a soft strike, but today they are hitting it heavily and tons of Lufthansa flights are cancelled today. This means that travellers flying with Lufthansa today should be very careful to look for information on their flights, because it will most likely be cancelled. So also for travelers flying between Budapest and any of the German airports today, as flights between Budapest and Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf are mostly cancelled today. You can find updated information on the matter at the following Lufthansa page.

Cancelled Lufthansa flights from Budapest Airport today

This list is from 7.35 this morning. Check updated information from the link above to stay updated on your flight and more cancellations.

LH1343 Frankfurt 06:10 2A Cancelled
LH1685 Munich 06:50 2A Cancelled
LH3063 Dusseldorf 09:15 2A Cancelled
LH1335 Frankfurt 09:35 2A Cancelled
LH1677 Munich 13:05 2A Cancelled
LH1339 Frankfurt 15:00 2A Cancelled
LH1681 Munich 17:05 2A Cancelled
LH3069 Dusseldorf 19:55 2A Cancelled

What do do during a strike in Budapest?

Fortunately it is only one company striking at the moment. During the volcano cloud all air traffic was stopped, and it was very hard to get back. Now you can choose other airlines flying to other airports in Germany and you can of course find buses if it is very urgent to get back home. Hopefully everything will get back on track from Saturday morning again, though flights will probably be packed with people not reaching their destination today. Still, Lufthansa is a serious company normally very good at taking care of their customers, so we guess they will fix this problem as well within hours/days.

If you have extra time at Budapest Airport, but not able to check in, we would rather go back to the city, because the airport is extremely boring if you are not able to check in and get into the SkyCourt.

Still, if you are stuck in Budapest… go swim in the Széchenyi Fürdő, come visit us for a wine dinner and enjoy your extra hours in Budapest with some great Goulash and have fun!

Lufthansa strike affecting Budapest

There has been quite some words about the strike of the Independent Flight Attendants Organization (UFO) lately, causing cancellations among Lufthansa flights from and to Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Currently there are no flights connected to Budapest suffering from the strike, but there are reported to be new cancellations coming up on September 7th, due to a new 24 hour strike from the flight attendants.

There are quite a lot of flights leaving from Budapest to Frankfurt and Munich daily from Budapest Airport, so if you need to visit those cities, especially on this upcoming Friday, make sure you check your flight schedule and with your local Lufthansa office before driving of to the airport.

For updated information you can also check arrivals and departures at or you can visit the article by Lufthansa dealing with the same matter. Find it here.

If you want more information about Budapest Airport, check out this brand new article from the Budapest blog about Budapest Airport.

Transportation strike is over

And then the public transportation strike in Budapest was over, for this time. The buses are polluting the city again, the trams are following their normal schedules and the people of Budapest can easier get to their jobs than last week. Well, if the buses are able to drive. It has been snowing and it is quite cold, so often that causes great problems for the drivers and the buses!

At least it is over! So that was it for this time. There is a small strike on the Ferihegy Airport as well, but that is not expected to cause any further delays!

Strike still going strong

The public transportation strike which we have written about several times already is still going strong and most buses, trams and trolley buses in the capital of Hungary are still standing still. Some of them are going and you can read more about that in our former post.

I guess the taxi companies enjoy the strike as they probably have much more to do than under normal circumstances, but it would be nice if they could finish this strike within shortly.

One addition to the strike is the fact that MAV (train company) has joined into the strike and especially in the early morning many trains stand still and do not transport passengers!

Public transportation strike in Budapest

Strike in Budapest

Yesterday BKV, the Public Transportation company in Budapest, started their strike which will last for an uncertain amount of time. The metro in Budapest is running as usual and so is the HEV (though not as often as normal). Those suffering are the people who would like to use trams and buses.

The most popular tram, number 6, is up and running, and so is tram number 2. Some other trams are going, but not on the entire line. Most buses are standing still, but for example the airport bus is following normal schedule.

We do not know how long this public transportation strike will last, but if some big things should happen, we will for sure write about it.

Public transportation strike coming up

Strike in Budapest

It is winter in Budapest and the buses of the local transportation company, BKV, is having a hard time. But not only the buses, but the drivers and other workers are not at all satisfied, and the rumours are even spreading that some drivers just leave their buses in so called wildcat strikes.

In addition a big strike has been announced on January 12, and time will show it it will be a heavy strike or not (I have heard that even if it is a strike the metros will probably be running and  so on)!

Train strike from midnight (October 18) – FINISHED

Train strike in Hungary
Train strike in Hungary

It has been a long time since we have been reporting about strikes in Budapest. There was a period in the end of 2008 and in the start of 2009 when there were continues strikes at the Ferihegy Airport, but since then things have improved a little. But now the train workers are unsatisfied (again), so from midnight (October 19, 00.00) most people will start striking which means that most trains will be standing still tomorrow morning and on for an unknown amount of time.

For train information check out the link, but I guess those planning to use train tomorrow should find out something else to do. This means that the train leaving from Ferihegy Airport to the inner city will be very insecure tomorrow, so why not choose an airport transfer instead?

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 9.53)
Its now 9.53 AM, October 19, and I read in some newspapers that there are heavy delays and big problems for those wanting to use the railway in Hungary. But, it is also said that more and more people is returning to their jobs, so it might be that things will smoothen out a bit more during the day.

Railway strike information update (October 19 – 13:43)
I just read that the strike is finished, and that all railway traffic should return to its normal way and schedules within some hours!