Terrible May in Budapest

I guess the topic says it all, but this May has been terrible in Budapest. It feels as if the sun has left the capital of Hungary the last weeks, and the last days it has been raining more than it normally does within a month. This has also caused great problems around in Hungary, and in some cities people have had to leave their houses, as they have been flooded with water. It can also be seen on the Danube within the borders of Budapest that much water has rained down in the last days.

The weather reports tell us that by the end of the week the sun might show up again, and I really do hope so. During a guided tour today I almost felt as if it was impossible to move up at the Gellert Hill, due to the wind. We could also see leafes all around, and trees that could not stand against the wind of the last days!

Weather in Budapest

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