Did you know that the final of the Europe League will be played in Budapest in 2022? This is the biggest football match in Europe every year after the final of the Champions League. And yes, you can watch the match in Budapest in 2022.

The Europe League final in 2022 will be played at the Puskas Arena. The stadium was formerly called “Nepstadion”, which means the People’s Stadium, but it was recently given the name of the most famous Hungarian football player in history. It has also gone through heavy renovation work. As a result, it will be used for three matches during the European Championship in football in 2020.

By OD Pictures – Kiemelt Kormányzati Beruházások Központja Nonprofit Zrt., CC BY-SA 4.0,

Now we just have to hope that the Hungarian team will make it to the European Championship. Is it possible? You can read more about how the Hungarians can qualify for the European Championship in football in 2020 right here.

The new Puskas Arena has space for 67,000 people, and it is considered to be a 5-star stadium.

The Europe League final in 2022 is still far away in time, but it will be a nice event for the city of Budapest!

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