European Championship in football: Where to watch it in Budapest?

The Hungarian National Team in football has qualified to the European Championship in football for the third time in a row. As a result, they will carry the Hungarian colors and fight for the honor of the country once again as the European Championship in football is arranged in Germany in June and July, 2024. This article gives some information about the Hungarian team and what to expect, but most of all, information about how you as a football enthusiast can watch the different matches from the tournament as you visit Budapest.

Few people consider the Hungarian team to be among the favorites to win the European Championship in football. Honestly, Hungarians don’t think they will win either. But, the Hungarian team is a tough opponent, and that is why they managed to qualify for the knockout stage during the Euro 2016 (after winning their group in front of Portugal who later won the tournament, Austria, and Iceland). Unfortunately, it all ended quickly in the knockout stage after losing 4-0 against Belgium.

In 2021, the Hungarians ended up in a very tough group together with Portugal, France, and Germany. It started with an ugly 3-0 loss against Portugal, before they played a draw against France, and then played a draw against Germany in the last match. Not a bad accomplishment either, but unfortunately not enough to reach the knockout stage.

This summer Hungary will play against “easier” teams than in 2021, but it is hard to predict whether or not they can qualify for the knockout stage or not.

Hungary’s matches during Euro 2024.

Hungary ended up in Group A during the European Championship in football. Besides Hungary, the group consists of Germany, Scotland, and Switzerland. Hungary will play against the different teams on the following dates and times.

  • June 15, 15.00: Hungary – Switzerland (RheinEinergieStadion, Cologne)
  • June 18, 18.00: Hungary – Germany (MHPArena, Stuttgart)
  • June 23, 21.00: Hungary – Scotland (MHPArena, Stuttgart)

This is going to be extremely interesting. Would you like to cheer for the Hungarians, led by Marco Rossi (an Italian gentleman)? Here you have some suggestions for where to watch the event while in Budapest.

Where to watch the European Championship in football in Budapest.

We have already written an article on how to watch the Summer Olympics in Paris in Budapest, and the information here is very similar to that information.

At a TV where you live or online.

The easiest option is to watch the matches on M4 on a TV where you live in Budapest. The channel is available on all TVs in Hungary and come at no additional cost, so it is available wherever you find a TV. They also have live streams of every single match at their website, making it easy to watch all matches, even if you don’t have a TV nearby. For more information on how to watch the European Championship in football online, look at this article.

At a bar, a restaurant, cafe, or a pub in Budapest.

There are lots of places where you can watch the European Championship in football in Budapest. Here you have a few options.

  • Champs Pub (Dohány utca)
  • Champs Sziget (Margaret Island)
  • Pointer 5 (several locations in Budapest)
  • Jack Doyle’s bar (Pilvax köz).

At Szabadság tér (Liberty Square) in Budapest.

This is the most popular place for watching sports publicly in Budapest. It has been used for the last Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cups, and European Championships in football, so we expect it to be used once again for this purpose during the summer of 2024. It is easy to find, just walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica in the direction of the Hungarian Parliament, and you will walk across this fantastic square which has an amazing atmosphere during the different football matches.

Football outdoors in budapest
Watch the European Championship in football outdoors in Budapest at the Szabadság Tér.

Do not forget to show up and cheer for your favorite country, but always cheer with respect and don’t get mad if your team lose. It is all about sports and having a wonderful time, celebrating life together with others. Bring your happy mood and have a wonderful time as you watch the European Championship in football as you visit Budapest.

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EURO 2020: Hungary – Portugal

Three matches will be played in Budapest during the European Championship in football in 2021. The first match will be the match between Hungary and Portugal and it will start at 18:00 on June 15.

Hungary has ended up in the hardest group in the European Championship in football. Not only will they play against Portugal, the winners of Euro 2016, but they will also play against Germany and France, two of the best soccer nations in the world.

All three matches in Budapest will be played at Puskas Ferenc Stadium. This is the only arena during Euro 2020 that will be packed to 100% of its limit, meaning that more than 60,000 spectators will watch this match live, and millions of people will watch Hungary play against Portugal online.

Are you coming from abroad to watch the match on the arena? If you have a negative PCR test dating only from a few days before the match, you will be allowed to enter the stadium. Hungarians will need a valid certificate proving that they have received a vaccine against COVID-19.

Hungary also played against Portugal in 2016

Do you remember what happened when Hungary played against Portugal during the European Championship in 2016? It was the final match of the group stage and the match ended with 3-3. As a result, Hungary won the group in front of Portugal. Unfortunately, Hungary lost their first match in the knockout stage against Belgium, while Portugal made it all the way to the final which they ended up winning.

But, knowing that Hungary won their group during Euro 2016, maybe they will be able to surprise us in 2021 as well, but this time playing in the same group as France, Germany, and Portugal.

Do you believe Hungary stands a chance against Portugal?

What is the COVID status in Hungary at the moment?

Even though we all look forward to the European Championship in football, many people are worried because of COVID. In order to enter the arena, all Hungarians are required to show a proof of vaccination. More than 50% of the Hungarian population has been vaccinated at least once, and the statistics also show that the numbers are in rapid decline.

Hopefully, the numbers will decrease even more by the time Hungary will receive people from abroad coming to cheer for their countries during Euro 2020.

The Europe League final in 2022 will be played in Hungary!

Did you know that the final of the Europe League will be played in Budapest in 2022? This is the biggest football match in Europe every year after the final of the Champions League. And yes, you can watch the match in Budapest in 2022.

The Europe League final in 2022 will be played at the Puskas Arena. The stadium was formerly called “Nepstadion”, which means the People’s Stadium, but it was recently given the name of the most famous Hungarian football player in history. It has also gone through heavy renovation work. As a result, it will be used for three matches during the European Championship in football in 2020.

Now we just have to hope that the Hungarian team will make it to the European Championship. Is it possible? You can read more about how the Hungarians can qualify for the European Championship in football in 2020 right here.

The new Puskas Arena has space for 67,000 people, and it is considered to be a 5-star stadium.

The Europe League final in 2022 is still far away in time, but it will be a nice event for the city of Budapest!

How can Hungary get to the European Championship in football in 2020?

After their somewhat big success during the European Championship in football in 2016, the Hungarians are hungry for more. The fact that three matches during the European Championship actually will be played in Hungary, makes it even more interesting. But, how can the Hungarians get to the European Championship in football?

The legendary Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskas has given name to the biggest football stadium in Hungary. It has recently been renovated, making it a fantastic arena for big football matches. And believe us, this will be an arena for awesome matches during the European Championship, with or without the Hungarians. How come?

The group that will play three matches at the Ferenc Puskas stadium consists of three teams so far; France, Portugal, and Germany. The matches in this group will be played in Germany and in Hungary, meaning that there will for sure be a match between France and Portugal at the stadium during the championship. That is gonna be wild! But, is there a chance that we can see the Hungarians at the stadium as well during the European Championship?

How and when can the Hungarians get to Euro 2020?

The Hungarians still have the chance to qualify, because of the new Nations League system. But, they still have two matches left that they need to win, and neither of those should be considered easy matches.

First of all, on March 26th, they need to beat the Bulgarian square in Bulgaria. The match will start at local time 20.45. Even though the Bulgarian team is a good team, this is a task that they might manage, at least if they have a good day.

The first play-off matches for Euro 2020

If the Hungarians win against Bulgaria on March 26th, the final task will be on March 31st against the winner of the match between Romania and Iceland. As we all know, this sounds quite a bit harder, and both the Icelandic squad and the Romanian squad are a couple of levels up from the quality of the Bulgarian players.

But, if we go back four years in time, we also know that the Hungarians are capable of playing very well under pressure (as when they won against Norway in their two play-off matches in order to get to the European Championship in 2016 in France). So, nothing is impossible. But, there will for sure be some tough moments in order for the Hungarians to get that far!

How to watch the Hungarian matches online?

The matches in which Hungary will play, first against Bulgaria, and then hopefully, against the winner of the Romania/Iceland match, can be streamed on M4 in Hungary. This is a free channel in Hungary, but it can also be accessed quite easily from abroad.

If you want to know more about how you can stream the actual European Championship in football online, click the link for more information. Hopefully, that will be a tournament in which the Hungarians will be present and ready to play against France, Germany, and Portugal.

I don’t believe they will have much of a chance if they actually get there, but it would be amazing to see the players present. And as they managed to surprise and win the group in 2016 (which also consisted of Portugal, Iceland, and Austria), they might be able to grab some points in the Euro 2020, even if their opponents will be Portugal, Germany, and France!

Do not forget, we can help you with lots of programs if you come to Hungary to watch the European Championship in football. We can pick you up at the airport, arrange a delicious beer dinner, or maybe let you enjoy a wine tasting program? Look around in our Budapest Guide for even more information!

Big evening for Hungarian football

Hungarian footballYesterday at exactly 22.40 shouts of joy could be heard from thousands of Hungarian homes and from more than 20,000 people present at the Groupama Arena. The Norwegian fans had already left the field, but the Hungarian players and the crowd remained at the stadium for a long time celebrating their qualification to a world tournament for the first time in 30 years.

This must be looked upon as a great moment in Hungarian football history, because after decades with little to nothing to rejoice in, not on club level and not on the level of national football, the Hungarian team finally managed to qualify for a bigger tournament, meaning that in the summer of 2016 the Hungarian team will travel to France to partake in the European Championship.

The Norwegian team came to Hungary as favorites before the match, even if they lost 1-0 to Hungary in Oslo three days earlier, but starting the match with a dream goal by Priskin Tamas the Hungarians in fact seem to have full control on the match all the way, while the Norwegian guys looked weak and with no guts in them at all. Quite the opposite of the fighting spirit found in the Hungarian players, something that could be seen very clearly as Daniel Bode wrestled with a Norwegian defender after 80 minutes. No need for the wrestling at all, but he still showed that he was on the field to fight!

In other words, we look very much forward to the European Championship in France in 2016 and this will be an event that for sure will give a big boost to Hungarian football, encourage young talents to go for it and follow their dreams, and who knows… maybe the Hungarian team will manage to fight themselves to some victories even in the Euro 2016?