Torkos csütörtök in Budapest

Torkos csütörtökI first heard of this event some years ago, but for those who like to visit restaurants, it is a great thing! Torkos csütörtök (throaty Thursday) is the last day when you are allowed to eat meat before the big “fast” starts among the catholics, leading all the way to easter. Celebrating this restaurants around in Budapest give 50% discount on food and drinks on that day every year. The date may change, but it is always on a Thusday.

Torkos csütörtök 2009
February 26

There are lots of restaurants that join in on this great thing, and on the 26 February you can eat and drink for half price at for example: Belcanto, Ocean Bár & Grill, Alabárdos, Bagolyvár, Chez Daniel, Apetito, Apostolok, Chess, Gerbeaud, Corner, Károlyi, A38, Fridays, Sir Brian, Karpátia and several other restaurants.

So we encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer, and enjoy yourself on February 26.

List showing all restaurants (list is in Hungarian, but it should not cause to great problems)

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