Allee: New center opened in Budapest, with pictures

Allee logo
Allee logo

Today at 11:11, November 11 in the 11th district was the official opening of the new shopping center in Budapest, Allee! Many people had met up to join in and rush to Electro World which had many great offer to their visitors today. I arrived to Allee around 16.00, walked around the entire mall, made some pictures and had a good time. There were some techinal problems as many shops were working in the dark (some electrical problem occured probably), but except from that everything seemed in order. The cinema will only open tomorrow!

I liked the look of Allee myself. It reminds me much of Arena Plaza in style, only that Allee feels much smaller.

I made quite some pictures, so enjoy them, and if you have visited Allee, please share your comments as well!

Shopping in Budapest

Allee pictures

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