The worlds nicest bookshop is in Budapest

I am not sure if this is true, but today it was the official opening of the  Paris Big  Store located in the Andrássy Út. The building which has been a fashion shop throughout decades was closed in 1999, and today they opened it again. But this time it is not with clothes, but with tons of books and some wine!

I was inside there today (unfortunately I did not bring my camera) and it looks absolutely amazing. The facade has been renovated and it looks great from the outside as well. Inside you will immediately see wine on your right hand and the cashiers on your right side. As you walk straight ahead and up the stairs you will start to realize why this is beautiful. There is a bridge which you can walk across the two sides on the first floor of the building. The cafeteria which had a piano player playing nice music looks gorgeous and it felt almost like the entrance of the Hungarian State Opera… paintings in the roof, gold and beauty! I have not visited such a beautiful bookshop before at least!

Take a look yourself. The address is Andrássy út 35, and it is an Alexandra book store you can find inside the building.

Ps: Hopefully I will be able to make pictures later sometime as well, and when I do I will post it, so just follow our RSS-feed and check back later for updates!

2 thoughts on “The worlds nicest bookshop is in Budapest

  1. paula newton-appleby says:

    Just back from an amazing visit to Budapest. Went to Alexandra bookstore and were given a private viewing of amazing artwork there. Including work by Ferenc Ko. Cannot find any reference to his work on internet. Can anyone advise,please.
    And LOVED Budapest and the wonderful welcome we received there. Thank you. Xx

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