Ernst Museum: Trough a glass darkly

The Ernst Museum celebrates its 100 year anniversary now-a-days. The founder of the museum was a member of a rich Jewish family, Ernst Lajos. After his death, the museum became a sub-museum of the Art Hall of Budapest and it is used to house several temporary exhibitions.

Through a glass darkly
Through a glass darkly

For example now one of the most interesting exhibitions mostly because of the centenarian anniversary of the Ernst Museum: the Trough a Glass darkly.

The exhibition is open between 24 January and 17 April 2013. Its reason to shows the human, especially the human face to the audience. We can’t see ourselves in direct, only in the mirror or on other reflective surfaces. Portrait always has had very important function to show humans. This exhibition wants to show this art’s history and evolution.

The Art Hall assembled the exhibition from Ernst Lajos’ private collection. Visitors could see the last four decades’ portrait-history. Moreover, there will be literature nights on some evenings, so visitors could enjoy some extra art.

Don’t miss this wonderful exhibition. The Ernst Museum is located in one of the most visited places of Budapest, in the Nagymező Street, near to the Opera. Imagine, you and your family, friends or your love visit the Nagymező Street, view the Company of Immortals’ foot prints in front of the Operetta, like the Walks of Fame in Hollywood.

Wonderful localities, fantastic program opportunity! Have a great time!

Ernst Museum
Trough a Glass darkly
January 24th – April 17th

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