What is the price of a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt in Budapest?

I am going to Budapest and would like to buy a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt while there. How much does it cost?

There are quite a lot of products you can buy in the Hard Rock shop in Budapest, but if you want to buy the traditional short armed Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts with white or black color the price is 7700 HUF per t-shirt. If you are new to Budapest and do not really know how much this price is in other currencies, then we can tell you that with the actual exchange rates of today this is:

6500 HUF is in American Dollars about 31USD. If you come from Great Britain and London then the price is about 20GBP (Sterling). For those located within in a country with Euro the price is approximately 25 Euro. This may of course change from time to time, but currently the HUF is very strong, but that can change within days, and then the price of the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt will feel cheaper to people arriving from abroad.

Most people buy Hard Rock t-shirts because they collect. If you don’t then you should probably not buy one in Budapest, because the price is really high. If you go to other stores you will find normal t-shirts at much lower prices, so you can probably buy 2 t-shirts for the same price as the t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe. But if you collect, then money is not a question, and of course you should buy a t-shirt!

Good luck, and we hope this answer can help you!

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Are there any performances in the Hungarian State Opera during summer?

I will travel to Budapest in August this summer and wonder if there are any performances taking place in the Hungarian State Opera in that period?

opera in Budapest during summerThank you for your question. During the summer months the Hungarian State Opera is only available as a tourist attraction and unfortunately not as a cultural place. This means that there are guided tours in the building daily at 15.00 and 16.00, but there are no events taking place in July and August. The first performances normally start by the end of September, so also in 2012 when the first event will be happening on September 24th (a classical concert) and then continuing with the opera Hunyadi Laszlo from September 28th.

Sorry about that, but do not forget that BUdapest has lots of other cool activities and programs to offer visitors, so we hope you will not be bored even though the Opera is standing still in this period.

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