What is the problem with the taxis in Budapest?

Budapest is not the only place in the world to be known for tricky taxi drivers, but when you come as a tourist to Budapest you will for sure do good to have some basic knowledge about the taxis in town. This article will therefore give you advices on how to deal with the taxis […]

How to get from Budapest Airport to Sziget Festival (Obudai Island)?

I will arrive to Budapest Airport Terminal 2, and wonder how I can get from here to the Obudai Island where the Sziget Fes(z)tival is arranged. Can you please help? In general we would recommend arranging with an airport transfer which is not especially expensive, but it will take you directly from the airport to […]

Budapest Airport parking

For many people coming to Budapest the place of arrival is Budapest Airport. The airport has two terminals, terminal 1 and 2, but earlier this year the owner closed down terminal 1 due to few passengers, a natural consequence of the bankruptcy of the Hungarian airline Malév earlier this year. Even though RyanAir immediately launched […]