December 4: Night of the Baths in Budapest

Szechényi Fürdő
Szechényi Fürdő

We are currently working on giving our visitors an overview over open restaurants, thermal baths and so on December 24, 25 & 26. In the reply we got from Budapest Gyógyfürdői Zrt. they gave us the information we were looking for (which can be found in the “Christmas in Budapest” article) and some more information about the Night of the Baths which will be arranged December 4, 2009.

Night of the Baths 2009
The Night of the Baths is the evening/night where you can swim and enjoy the thermal water in Budapest until after midnight and enjoy nice programs as you do so.

In the Gellért Bath there will be music from the 90’s, in Rudás Fürdő there will be bellydancing and in Szechényi Fürdő there will be live music entertaining the guests.

I guess it will be quite cold outside on December 4, but if you stay in the water you will for sure enjoy even the outdoor pools at the Szechényi Thermal Bath (which by the way is extremely nice and has a great atmosphere after the sun has gone down)!

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