New Trofea Grill coming up in former Donatellas Kitchen localities

Trófea Grill
Trófea Grill

Out walking today I saw a flier lying on the ground. Normally I would not give much for a flier on the ground trampled on by thousands of people, but this time it did. On the flier I could see the logo of one of my favorite restaurants in Budapest; Trofea Grill. And at the flier I could see something about a new restaurant in the center of Budapest.

I quickly picked it up (and washed my hands patiently as I got home), and the text said that November 14 (if I remember correct) a new Trofea Grill restaurant will open in Budapest, in Király Utca 30. Now that does not mean so much to most people, but out of curiosity I checked it out, and then I found out that this was the former address of the delicious italian restaurant Donatella’s Kitchen before it moved into Hotel New York.

So it seems as if Trofea Grill is coming into the center of Budapest (all four locations has been kind of outside the grand boulevard so far), so that is good news I think, at least for me who like Trofea Grill!

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