Google Art Project at the Museum of Fine Arts

Paul Cezanne in Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest and it was one of the first museums in Hungary that joined to this innovative and unique project to the Google Art Project in 2012.

Paul Cezanne in Museum of Fine Arts
Paul Cezanne in Museum of Fine Arts (this and lots of other pictures can be seen online)

The main goal of the Google Art Project is to bring closer the audience to the greatest master pieces of the museum. This new technique let everyone to discover more on the paintings and it makes it possible to check even the smallest details on the paintings. It is also important that with this new technique all the art works will be saved for the next generations. With the Google Art Project 30 art works of the museum will be available only with a few clicks from home. The new technique works just like the Google street view and it will open up new possibilities in the world of art and for everyone who is interested in art. On the art works with Google Art Project you can check all the small and hidden details which can not be seen otherwise.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Check it out right here! For more information on the museum itself and its temporary exhibitions, check this site.

For your information, the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest is also a part of the Google Art Project, meaning that you can see more than 100 artifacts and pictures from the museum in the Google Art Project online as well!

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