Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest 2010?

I often get the question if Hard Rock Cafe can be found in Budapest. The answer has so far been no, and it will probably be so for a year more, at least. Starbucks also planned for a long time to open in Budapest, and in 2010 they finally managed to do so. Anyway, out searching today I found a page claiming that Hard Rock Cafe might come to Budapest fall 2010 (fall 2010: this has not yet happened). At HardRock.com there is a list of “coming soon” Hard Rock Cafes, and at the bottom of the list Budapest can be found.

So far we only have Hard Rock Cafe on t-shirts in Budapest, but it would be great to be able to visit and see the real things, so lets hope – and time will show!

Hard Rock Cafe Budapest
Hard Rock Cafe Budapest - only on t-shirt!

13 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest 2010?

  1. MAJA says:


    we are from Slovenia and for NEW YEAR 2010 we are comming in Budapest to celebrate.
    I wonder if we can reserve New Years celebration at Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest at 31.12.2009?

    Best wishes,


  2. Budapest Guide says:

    Hello Jim 🙂

    So far the t-shirt version is the only one available, unfortunately. At our Hard Rock Cafe page you will for sure get information at once as Hard Rock Cafe comes to Budapest, but until then, we just have to wait!

  3. Budapest Guide says:

    Thank you Adam. The article was a bit old and that is why it was out of date. But, now thanks to your comment we updated the information at least a little bit! THank you!

  4. Vanja says:

    Hi everyone! I’m comming in Budapest with few friends for New Year, so if anyone can tell me which pubs or rock cafes are best?

  5. Sherwood says:

    Alright so since you can purchase the HardRock T-Shirts, i have been collecting the Bottle opener Refridgerator Magnets from all the HardRocks ive been too. Are they available for sale? This may sound Crazy but might be the Deciding Factor of my Trip up there.

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