Hungarian Song Day, Museum Garden 2013

The occasion, Hungarian Song Day/Magyar Dal Napja will be on 8 September 2013, when visitors could meet the Hungarian music life’s all details in the whole country. However the main city of the event will be a Hungarian town, Békéscsaba, but of course there will be lots of programs in Budapest too, for example in the park of the famous Hungarian National Museum, the Museum Garden. The Museum Garden will join to the Hungarian Song Day for the first time, and this park will give place for the Lyrics stage. Of course not all the program will be about lyrics, because there will be children programs, gastronomy shows and concerts. The beautiful environment is perfect place for everyone and the programs will be funny for the young and the old too. Have fun!

Address: 1088, Budapest, 14-16 Museum Boulevard

Hungarian Song Day, Lyrics stage 2013

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