Hungary with bronze in U-20 World Championship

After loosing against Ghana Hungary got up again and played a very good bronze final against Costa Rica Friday. Most things worked, the only thing missing was the ability to shoot goals. So, when Costa Rica scored in the 82 minute or something it seemed quite hopeless!

But then Krisztian Nemeth managed to win a penalty in the 89th minute, and Vladimir Koman did not miss that great opportunity to make it 1-1. After this everyone expected it to be 2×15 extra time, but then suddenly they went straight for penalty kicks, and there Hungary did great, much thanks to Peter Gulacsi who saved 3 out of 4 penalties from Costa Rica players. And as he saved the 4th penalty the game was over and Hungary had won a bronze in the U-20 World Championship! Congratulations!

Yesterday the team returned to Hungary and loads of fans waited for them at the airport. Yet another time all we have to say is congratulations, and keep on playing this way!

Champions League in Budapest

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