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Rezkakas Budapest is a restaurant for fine dining with high quality in the heart of Budapest. Would you like a table reservation in Rezkakas Budapest? We can help you book a table in Rezkakas for free, ensuring that you will be expected upon arrival at the restaurant.

The Rezkakas restaurant in Budapest is located in Sas utca, very close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The area is one of the nicest in Budapest, and it is packed with several good restaurants, including the Aszu restaurant just across the street from Rezkakas. But, would you like us to fix you a table in Rezkakas? Fill in the forms beneath and we will reserve a table for you in Rezkakas Budapest.

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    What to expect in Rezkakas Budapest?

    Rezkakas is a place for fine dining in Budapest. Here you will find traditional Hungarian courses prepared in the most excellent way. Not only will you get a taste of authentic Hungarian gastronomy, but in the evenings you can also enjoy some authentic gypsy music to make the atmosphere even better.

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    How much does a meal cost in Rezkakas Budapest?

    Rezkakas isn’t very expensive, but you will not have trouble finding cheaper restaurants in Budapest either. Beneath, you will find the price range for the different courses in Rezkakas.

    • Starters: 9-15 Euro
    • Main courses: 14-40 Euro
    • Vegetarian dishes: 8-13 Euro
    • Desserts: 4-14 Euro

    Now you have a feeling about the price range you can expect once you fix your table reservation in Rezkakas and prepare to visit the restaurant.

    How to get to Rezkakas Budapest?

    The restaurant is very easy to find as it is located a few hundred meters from the St. Stephen’s Basilica. You can easily get to the area by metro. You can then travel to Deak Ferenc tér (where the red, yellow, and blue metro line intercepts); from there, it is a short walk. If you decide to grab a taxi, you will be taken to the door of the restaurant.

    Book your Rezkakas table in advance

    Do not forget to book your table in Rezkakas as early as possible. This is especially true about December 24th and 25th, as this is one of the very few restaurants open in Budapest on these days, and thus the restaurant is fully booked months in advance (normally). If you are willing to eat your lunch in the restaurant on December 24th and December 25th, you have a chance a few weeks in advance as well, but the general principle is… hurry up!

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    Share your Rezkakas experience

    Have you been to Rezkakas yourself? Did you enjoy your stay? Did you have a favorite dish or a favorite wine you just want to taste over again? We would love to hear more about your stay in Rezkakas, so write a comment and share your experience with us and the rest of our readers.

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