More than 16 million passengers used Budapest Airport in 2019

Budapest Airport enjoyed a very good year in 2019. They have a higher rate of growth than most other airports in Europe, and it was the first year ever they passed more than 16 million passengers in one single year.

The total amount of passengers arriving and departing Budapest Airport was 16 173 489. The most popular destination from which people arrive and to which people fly is London, but it is also a fact that people arrive at Budapest Airport from all across Europe in large numbers. But, one of the biggest expansions in 2019 happened towards the Asian market, and there are now direct flights between Budapest and Asian cities such as Shanghai, Soul, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Sanya.

Budapest Airport is getting more and more popular'

More than 30 new flights were launched in 2019, and the total number of landings and takeoffs exceeded 122 000. If you divide that with 365 days a year, the average daily number of landings and takeoffs were around 330 in the number.

The increase compared to 2018 was more than 8%.

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