What is the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest?

Would you like to go to a cinema and watch a movie while in Budapest? Or are you simply curious about the cost of a cinema ticket in Budapest? Here you will find an answer to your question!

If you plan on going to the cinema while in Budapest, you will most likely enter a Cinema City complex. There are a few other cinema companies as well, but this is by far the biggest, and earlier it was known as Palace Cinema. They are present in the biggest malls in Budapest, and they have far more visitors than any other company. That is why we are using their prices as the information in this article. Some of the smaller cinemas can be a bit cheaper, but the difference is not much to talk about.

How much does it cost to go to cinema in Budapest?

What is the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest?

It is very important to notice when this article is written (check the date at the start of the article). Why is that important? Because, in a year from now, and much more, in five years from now, the prices will most likely be very different. In the last ten years, the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest has more than doubled, and the prices get a small bump every single year. In other words, if you check this article in a few years, the prices will most likely be higher than what you see here.

Cut the crap – how much does a ticket cost?

  • If you want to go to a normal 2D cinema, the price is currently 1950 HUF (appx 6 Euro).
  • If you go to a VIP cinema (all you can eat and drink and more), the price is 6150 HUF (18 Euro).
  • A ticket to an IMAX cinema is around 2150 HUF (7 Euro).

These are the approximate prices of a cinema ticket in Budapest.

But, what are the prices of nachos and popcorn?

Maybe the cinema experience only becomes a real experience if you eat nachos or eat some popcorn along? Well, if you plan on eating a fair portion of nachos (120g) with some dip, combined with a 0,8 liter of drink, the price is 2100 HUF (6,5 Euro).

If you want to purchase a big portion of popcorn (2,3 liter) combined with a big drink (0,75 liter), the price is 1450 HUF. If you purchase a 4,5-liter popcorn together with two drinks (0,75 liter), the price is 2100 HUF.

What do you think about these prices? Is it expensive to go to the cinema in Budapest?

What do you think of these prices? Are they nice and good, or do you find it to be expensive?

If you have further comments, questions, or maybe an update, write a comment in the comment field below.

Sherlock Holmes in Budapest cinemas from today

Sherlock Holmes in Budapest

Since the first Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law many has been waiting for the successor. Here it is, and as of today you can see it in Budapest cinemas. The film has arrived in Hungary a bit later than many other nations in Europe and in the world, but now it is finally here. For a foretaste, take a look at the Sherlock Holmes trailer. It doesn’t seem to be as good as the first one, but hopefully we are wrong. Anyone see it? What do you think?

The Sherlock Holmes film has received good critics on for example IMDB, but in the end it is all about whether I like it or not.

Sherlock Holmes trailer

Budapest cinemas

Palace Cinemas almost history

For those really following the news in Budapest and Hungary this is old news, but for the rest of us this is still “hot” news. It all started when we could not buy the Palace Cinemas “cinema-card” last weekend in Campona. We did not understand why, but said “okay” and “no problem”. Then yesterday as we went to Palace Cinemas in WestEnd we asked: “How come?” They then explained us that Palace Cinema in WestEnd is not really Palace Cinema, but Cinema City… it is only the logos remaining. So, what has happened?

Cinema City has bought Palace Cinemas, at least most of the cinemas, and they will now slowly turn into Cinema City cinemas. This is not only valid for Hungary, but also for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cinema City paid 28 million Euro for this, and now they will reign all by themselves in Budapest. Some of the former Palace Cinemas in Budapest will remain Palace Cinema, but the most important in West End, Mammut, Campona and MOM will turn into Cinema City.

Read more about cinemas in Budapest (page will soon need an update due to these recent changes)