Revolution day in Hungary – October 23rd

Today is the national day of Hungary and October 23rd is the day of the uprising against the communists in 1956. The revolution did not last for too long, but the spirit of the Hungarians still live and their courage to stand up against the communists gave courage to other nations around the world, even though it did not succeed the way the Hungarians hoped for.

Revolution in 1956
Revolution in 1956 – picture from fortepan

October 23rd is now one of three national days in Hungary, and on October 23rd people have the chance to relax at home and maybe go out into the city to buy an ice cream, eat some chimney cake and of course take part in one of many demonstrations in town.

There will be lots of political demonstrations in Budapest today, the biggest one probably arranged by the Elisabeth Bridge on the Pest side from 15.00. Quite some of the demonstrations are arranged by the left side in Hungary trying to protest and stand together against the right side which is currently leading the nation, but the right side will also have their gatherings today. If you want to understand more about Hungarian politics, why not read this interesting article on the subject of Hungarian politics.

All shops are closed in Budapest today, but restaurants, confectioneries, cinemas and museums are mostly open!

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