Balaton Sound 2024

If you want to combine nice weather, cheap food, beautiful Balaton and loud music, you might want to visit Balaton Sound. Every year Zamárdi is filled up with people ready for concerts, partying and famous artists. This is one of the most popular festivals available in Hungary, and thousands of people visit Zamardi every year to check it out.

Zamardi is a small place located very close to the popular city of Siofok, so if you are looking for a place to stay for some days on along the Lake Balaton after the Balaton Sound festival or maybe before, then why not find a hotel in Siofok and combine staying in the number one party city along Lake Balaton with swimming, maybe some SPA and lots of fun during both daytime and nighttime.

For more information about Balaton Sound, keep on reading, because here comes the information on upcoming artists, festival dates and so on!

Balaton Sound 2024

no artists announced yet

Balaton Sound 2024 dates

Dates: July 3 – July 6

How much does a Balaton Sound ticket cost?

You can buy tickets on the official Balaton Sound page. A day pass costs at least 34,000 HUF, while a 4-day pass costs approximately 100,000 HUF. You can order tickets and get even more information about the festival at

Balaton Sound pictures

Balaton Sound 2015

Balaton Sound is another popular festival in Hungary during the summer. The festival takes place at Zamárdi which is a small city right next to lake Balaton. In 2015 the Balaton Sound will be arranged between July 9th and July 12th.

Balaton Sound 2015

Balaton Sound is held every year in the beginning of July in the summer and in 2015 the festival will open its gates again from 9th July until 12th July in 2015. Just like Sziget and Volt Festival Balaton Sound is also one of the most visited festivals in Hungary and every year the quality of the festival gets better, apart from the greatest concerts and parties Balaton Sound also offers a wide selection of other programs for the visitors.

An extra that the festival is just right to the lake Balaton where you can cool yourself down during the day time when the weather is boiling hot. The programs and concerts for next year has not been announced yet but like in every year the visitors can except the best performances and the most popular musicians, singers and DJs.

Last year’s biggest names were David Guetta, Wiz Khalifa, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Martin Solveig, Rita Ora and so on. If you want to know more on the programs and concerts of last year check the following site where you can get the newest infos on the festival, the concerts and the tickets as well.

Balaton Sound: Another cool festival in Hungary

A summer in Hungary is always impossible to be boring. In fact there are many possibilities to enjoy the long, warm days in this country. During the Hungarian summers there are plenty of programs, concerts and festivals to choose from.

In the previous article we already mentioned the Sziget Festival, which takes place in Budapest the capital of Hungary. However this is not the only festival we can attend. The one i want to write about is Balaton Sound.

Balaton Sound
Coming to Balaton Sound 2014

Balaton Sound

There are more than 5 festivals during the summers in Hungary and one of the most popular one of course is Balaton Sound. This festival will be held in Zamàrdi, which is a little Hungarian city just next to Lake Balaton. Usually the festival is around the first weeks of July, this year Balaton Sound opens its gates on 10th July until 13th July. One of the best things about the festival, not only the famous artist and bands performing on stage or the whole night long parties with the best music, but during the hot days you can easily just cool yourself down in one of Europe biggest lake. This year’s announced bands and artist are for example David Guetta, who has been to Balaton Sound before already, Martin Garrix or Maya Jane Coles.

If you want to have a real big party, with lot of music, fun and laughter with your friends you can not miss this festival. Check out for more information about the festival, the prices and about the bands and buy your tickets now