Pig and sausage festival

The Disznótoros Kolbászfesztivàl (Pig and Sausage festival) is coming back to Budapest again in 2020, so if you have missed out on it in any of the earlier years, or maybe liked it so much that you would like to visit it again, then make ready!

Pig Slaugther Sausage

The festival brings back the real Hungarian traditions to the capital of Hungary. Disznótor or dinsznóvágás means pig slaughter. Every year the traditional pig slaughter takes place in the autumn and early winter and it is both an economic activity and traditional feast as well in some European countries such as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Serbia and so on. During the procedure traditionally the pig slaughtered by a really sharp knife then it is put in a wooden trough and it is washed with hot water which removes the hair from the animal. After the pig is cut into pieces they start to make edible products of the meat and its intestines.

At the festival, visitors will have the chance to go back in time and be part of this traditional feast. You will have the chance to try the best handicraft sausages and all kinds of traditional Hungarian dishes. Apart from exploring the best authentic foods and drinks, the festival offers a lot more to do. There will be plenty of concerts, shows and activities for children and for families as well.

A picture from the festival area

This year (2020) the Disznótoros Kolbászfesztivál will take place in Budapest at the Vasúttörténeti Park from October 9th till October 11th.

For more information on concerts and events in Budapest, click the link.

One important information. The festival area is a really nice park with lots of old cars, trains, and other effects, making this a nice experience also for those who might be more interested in such elements than the meat and the food.

Veteran cars in the park area
Veteran cars in the festival area
It is easy to find some good food in the festival area
It is easy to find some good food in the festival area

How to get to the festival area?

In order to get to the Railway historical park (Vasuttorteneti park) using public transportation, do as follows.

  • Travel by bus 30, 30A or 230 from Keleti Palyaudvar or from Ujpest Kozpont. Leave the bus at the Rokolya utca station.
  • Travel with bus 120 from Arpad Hid (pest side) or from Ujpest kozpont, and travel to Reitter Ferenc Utca.
  • God with travel 14 from Lehel ter or from Ujpest Kozpont. Leave the tram at Rokolyai Utca.

Palinka and Sausage festival this weekend

Apricot Palinka
Apricot Palinka

If you are in Budapest this weekend, why not check out the annual Palinka and Sausage festival arranged in the Castle area, near the Castle Hill Funicular. Here you can taste the best Hungarian sausages, and of course taste a whole lot of Hungarian Palinka, the Hungarian fruit brandy. The most popular Palinka is probably the apricot version, but you can also find Palinka made of for example plum, peach, apple, pear, strawberry and other fruits!

Read more about the Palinka and Sausage festival

Palinka and Sausage festival this weekend


Do you like Palinka and Hungarian sausages? If so, you better visit the castle area between October 7 and 10, because that is when the annual Palinka and sausage festival is arrange in Budapest. Even though the weather is currently bad in Budapest, it will hopefully turn better before this festival start, and not turn out like a rainfestival, like the winefestival did a month ago.

The Hungarian Palinka is a fruit spirit containing in most cases between 40-60% alcohol, made of 100% fruit (its almost healthy), and if you travel to Egypt it is recommended to drink it a couple of times a day to keep the bacterias away.

The Hungarian sausage tastes great, and even if you do not like Palinka, the festival can be worth visiting because of the sausages. More information about the festival can be found here.

Palinka and Sausage Festival 2010

If you would like to taste only one glass of Palinka, why not join us on a half-day excursion to Szentendre. We often let our visitors taste a Palinka as the last drink during the winetasting there.

Palinka and Sausage Festival this weekend


Budapest is simply a festival town. There is always something going on, and when one festival is finished, another starts. Not long ago there was some small Pálinka Festival by the Danube on the Pest side, before that visitors could participate in the Wine Festival located in the Castle Area… And then you have the Autumn Festival and we could keep on writing!

Whats important now, is that starting this Thursday and keeping it up till Sunday people in Budapest can visit the Pálinka and Sausage festival in the Castle area. The Hungarian sausages are not very famous, but many claim that they taste just as good as Mortadella, Tyrolean and Viennese sausages.

The Pálinka is a real Hungaricum, protected by law since 2004, and you are only allowed to call the drink Pálinka if produced according to strict laws and rules.  Below you can see some of them:

1. it has to be made 100-percent from fruits or herbs indigenous to the Carpathian Basin and grown in Hungary, or from pomace grown in Hungary, and does not contain any additives,
2. it has to be produced and bottled in Hungary,
3. it has to have an alcohol content between 37,5% and 86% ABV.

So if this sounds interesting, check it out. You can read more about the entrance fees and about the festival at our Palinka and Sausage Festival page.

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