Green Day to Sziget Festival?

Green Day

Before you start rejoicing notice the questionmark in the title. This is not at all sure, but I just noticed someone who requested on the official Sziget page that Green Day should come to Sziget and today as I worked with the page presenting some concerts in cities near Budapest I noticed that Green Day will perform in June 2010. Of course that does not mean anything at all where Green Day will perform two months before the Sziget Festival in 2010, but at least it is possible to hope.

So this text is not based on any real facts or nothing, but it might only represent a hope from thousands of Hungarian fans that Green Day may return to Budapest and to the Sziget Festival in 2010.

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Sziget Festival 2010

The dates for the Sziget Festival 2010 has been announced, and it will start August 11th and last until August 16th. Very often they have some extra stuff the day before the official beginning, but the official start will for sure be August 11. No information has yet been given about artists coming, but we can only hope for big hot-shots, as ususal!

This event takes place at the Obudai Island. For more information and tickets, check out our Sziget Festival page.

Palinka and Sausage Festival this weekend


Budapest is simply a festival town. There is always something going on, and when one festival is finished, another starts. Not long ago there was some small Pálinka Festival by the Danube on the Pest side, before that visitors could participate in the Wine Festival located in the Castle Area… And then you have the Autumn Festival and we could keep on writing!

Whats important now, is that starting this Thursday and keeping it up till Sunday people in Budapest can visit the Pálinka and Sausage festival in the Castle area. The Hungarian sausages are not very famous, but many claim that they taste just as good as Mortadella, Tyrolean and Viennese sausages.

The Pálinka is a real Hungaricum, protected by law since 2004, and you are only allowed to call the drink Pálinka if produced according to strict laws and rules.  Below you can see some of them:

1. it has to be made 100-percent from fruits or herbs indigenous to the Carpathian Basin and grown in Hungary, or from pomace grown in Hungary, and does not contain any additives,
2. it has to be produced and bottled in Hungary,
3. it has to have an alcohol content between 37,5% and 86% ABV.

So if this sounds interesting, check it out. You can read more about the entrance fees and about the festival at our Palinka and Sausage Festival page.

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