Budapest Spring Festival 2024

The Spring Festival in Budapest is a popular event every spring welcoming tourists to Budapest, and extending the tourist season of every year. It is in fact so popular, that almost every event is sold out on tickets, and if you are not out in good time, you will probably end up watching the outside of the buildings, instead of sitting inside.

Lots of venues ar used during the spring festival in Budapest and many events are arranged outdoors at locations such as Madach Imre Square, Városháza Square, Liszt Ferenc Square, and also in concert and theaters around the city. You can find a detailed program for the festival at the official website.

Spring Festival in Budapest

Spring Festival 2024

Budapest Spring Festival 2024 will be a wonderful event with lots of famous and talented artists performing. There will also be different exhibitions to be seen. For a full overview, take a look at the program at the official homepage of the festival.

Budapest Spring Festival 2024

Dates: April 29 – May 12, 2024

Do not forget, that often running simultaneously with the Spring Festival is the annual Spring Market. This is very similar to the Christmas market, but since it is warmer, you will often find less hot wine and more of other stuff. This is something you for sure need to check out, and the spring market can be discovered at Vorosmarty Square.

Above you can see a trailer for the festival in Hungarian.

If you want to know more about events in Budapest and what’s going on in the Hungarian capital, look around here in our Budapest Guide.

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Great spring hotels in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most amazing cities in the world to visit during spring. The sun is shining, the view is stunning and the people smile and enjoy that the winter has finally left them. One important thing when preparing for such a travel is to find a good hotel and here we have some recommendations for you.

When you look for a hotel in Budapest you should absolutely go for a hotel with a central location. A good location makes everything easier and you do not have to spend lots of time getting to the shopping street and central areas. A good price is important as well, so here we will recommend you three hotels in Budapest with great prices and fantastic location at the moment.

Recommended spring hotels in Budapest
Sofitel ChainBridge (*****)
Estilo Fashion Hotel (****)
Hotel Central Basilica (***)

Budapest hotel

Ten spring activities in Budapest

Szechenyi Thermal Bath
Szechenyi Thermal Bath

The sun is shining, it’s 15-20 degrees and you are in Budapest. It is a normal spring day in the capital of Hungary. Here follows some advices on how to spend such a day in Budapest. This might be a real top 10 list of activities, but rather a list with ideas for different nice activities that can be done on a sunny spring day in Budapest.

Ten nice spring activities in Budapest

1) Cross the Elisabeth Bridge and walk to the top of the Gellert Hill. Make some marvelous pictures!

2) Go to Raday Utca or Liszt Ferenc Tér and buy something to drink in one of the outdoor cafes/restaurants

3)  Budapest Zoo! Great place to be when the sun is shining.

4) Travel with the Libegő (chairlift) between Zugliget and John Hill (János hegy). Get there using bus 291 from Nyugati Pályaudvar. Afterwards enjoy the fresh air and the view from the Elisabeth tower.

5) Buy some sun lotion and swim in the outdoor pools of the Szechényi Thermal Bath

6) Do a half-day trip to Szentendre with shopping, wine, marcipan and food

7) See Budapest from the Danube while on a dinner cruise

8) Sit down somewhere and try to learn some useful Hungarian phrases. Below you can find some suggestions.

9) Get more knowledge about the different special drinks from Hungary in our „Drinks of Hungary” program

10) Smile to the people around you, simply because life is good and Budapest is beautiful!

Some useful and some useless Hungarian phrases:
–         Süt a nap (the sun is shining)
–         Kérek egy hosszú kávét (a long coffee please)
–         Hol van McDonalds? (where is McDonalds)
–         A nevem Bill Clinton (my name is Bill Clinton)
–         Nagyon szépek a jegesmedvek (the polar bears are really nice)