Best Trofea Grill restaurant in Budapest

Before you come to Budapest you probably don’t know to much about the different restaurants in Budapest and you wonder where to go to grab some good pieces to eat. One of the most popular restaurants in Budapest is Trófea Grill, but to be right, it is not really one restaurant, but a restaurant chain with currently six restaurants in Budapest. If you divide the restaurants into categories you can divide it the following way based on ownership:

Trófea Grill 1:
Visegrádi Utca (Visegrádi utca 50/a), Margit Krt (Margit körút 2), Király Utca (Király Utca 30-32)

Trófea Grill 2:
Mexikói út (Erzsébet királyné útja 5), Óbuda (Laktanya u. 3-5.), Újbuda (Szerémi út 7)

The restaurants mostly look the same and they have the same principle meaning that for a set price you can eat and drink as much as you’d like. The prices vary between 3200-5500 HUF (3800-5500 for Trófea Grill restaurants in category 1), depending on what time of the day you’d like to visit the restaurants, but if you consider the amount of food and drinks you get for the price, it isn’t really that high no matter when you go. What also describes the popularity of the Trófea Grill restaurants very well is the fact that it is packed not only with tourists, but also with locals. The chain is especially popular for birthday parties as they offer free birthday cake to the one celebrating their birthday, so do not be surprised if you hear a happy birthday song on the loudspeakers as you grab something to eat in one of the six Trófea Grill restaurants. Most tourists end up in the restaurants listed in category 1, but if you wonder where to go, you should keep on reading, because here comes the part giving you my own personal favorite restaurants.

The best Trófea Grill restaurant!

Since this article is written by Budablogger it is only portraying his views and thoughts, so you might disagree when I here write down my thoughts on which is the best Trófea Grill restaurant in Budapest. There are many things that must be taken into consideration before you can make such a statement, but when deciding which Trófea Grill restaurant is the best in Budapest the most important factors where: Location, cuisine, atmosphere and the restaurant itself.

If location is important, then the three central restaurants located in Visegrádi Utca, Margit Körút and Király Utca are natural winners. If it is a matter of cuisine the restaurants at Mexikói út, Visegrádi utca and Margit Körút are the winners. They have a good selection of food you can get fried in front of your eyes, they always have a good selection of traditional Hungarian courses and they serve 100% orange juice and so on (which for example Trófea Grill Óbuda does not). All restaurants have a good atmosphere, but the restaurant in Visegrádi Utca is not at all as nicely looking as the one by the Margit Körút, which looks very modern, just like the one in Király Utca. Unfortunately the restaurant in Király Utca lacks some of the great courses served in the other restaurants, and that is why I always pick other Trófea Grill restaurants to the one in Király Utca. The Trófea Grill in Újbuda is good, but last time I visited that one they only had very special Hungarian courses, which most Hungarians would be skeptical to eat (Pacalpörkölt or Tripe stew), and with several such courses next to one another it was in fact hard to find something to eat among the already prepared courses.

Cakes at Trófea Grill

I could keep going for a long time, but if I have to pronounce a winner my personal favorite would be the Trófea Grill restaurant by the Margaret Bridge (Margit körút), closely followed by the Trófea Grill restaurant in Erzsébet Királyné utca (Mexikói út). If I have to choose what Trófea Grill restaurant I would not return to at all it would probably be the one in Király Utca and the Újbuda Trófea Grill.

Many tourists get invitations to the Trófea Grill restaurant in Király Utca while walking on Deák Tér, and as they end up there they totally enjoy it and often return later, as they are so satisfied and fall in love with the restaurant. It was the same for me first time I visited a Trófea Grill restaurant.

This article has though been written not after visiting the restaurants once or twice, but after visiting the restaurants at least 25 times. And after that many visits you get favorites among the six restaurants, and as I also mentioned, some restaurants I’d rather not return to if I have the chance to influence the decision about what Trófea Grill restaurant to visit.

Best Trófea Grill in Budapest – Margit Körút

Trofea Grill in Király Utca

Trofea Grill in Király Utca

Some weeks ago we mentioned that a new Trofea Grill were to be opened in Király Utca in Budapest, and now it has been open for almost a month. It is located in the former location of Donatellas Kitchen and it is very similar to the other Trofea Grill restaurants in Budapest. One of the specialities in this new Trófea Grill restaurant is that they serve something no other Trofea Grill restaurants does… pizza!

They prepare one kind of pizza and if you would like a piece you have to tell one of the waiters! It did not taste too good as I ate it, but they still said that many people (including italiens) really do like their pizza!

New Trofea Grill coming up in former Donatellas Kitchen localities

Trófea Grill
Trófea Grill

Out walking today I saw a flier lying on the ground. Normally I would not give much for a flier on the ground trampled on by thousands of people, but this time it did. On the flier I could see the logo of one of my favorite restaurants in Budapest; Trofea Grill. And at the flier I could see something about a new restaurant in the center of Budapest.

I quickly picked it up (and washed my hands patiently as I got home), and the text said that November 14 (if I remember correct) a new Trofea Grill restaurant will open in Budapest, in Király Utca 30. Now that does not mean so much to most people, but out of curiosity I checked it out, and then I found out that this was the former address of the delicious italian restaurant Donatella’s Kitchen before it moved into Hotel New York.

So it seems as if Trofea Grill is coming into the center of Budapest (all four locations has been kind of outside the grand boulevard so far), so that is good news I think, at least for me who like Trofea Grill!

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