Night in the Amusement Park

We recently got the sad news that the famous Amusement Park in Budapest will close. The park has been open since 1950, but now the area will turn into a part of the Budapest Zoo. But, before it park wants to go down with a bang, so in all of September we can enjoy a “night in the amusement park.”

Vidam ParkWhen the Sun goes down, the city lights are turned on and that is when life starts in the City Park. That is why you can visit the amusement park in all of September from 8 PM until 1.30 AM.

The Night Amusement Park’s ticket prices are a little bit more favorable than during daytime. Those, who buy their ticket after 8 PM have to pay only 3300 Forint instead of the original 5000 Forint, and they can enjoy the flickering lights and popular toys. Moreover you can buy the night tickets earlier than 8 PM, so you don’t have to spend neither a second from your precious night time at the Amusement Park in the line.

If you spend some days in the Hungarian capital, Budapest in September 2013, you definitely should visit the Amusement Park until you can and make this visit more special with the night’s atmosphere and lights. Don’t miss this adventure! Have fun!

Zoo expanding into Vidam Park

Zoo Budapest
Zoo Budapest
November 12th, 2008, we wrote about the fact that Budapest Zoo will expand into Vidám Park (the Amusement Park), and because of this the Vidám Park will be moved to another location. Since then not so much has happened, but now we can start to see the start of this process taking place. Parts of the Vidám Park are currently used by the Zoo and the expansion is probably to continue until the entire area is used by the zoo.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that the Vidám Park is doing terrible (it has big financial problems), so the question is then only if it will be able to reopen somewhere else alter, or if it is headed towards a final end!

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