Wine trip to Eger on June 8th

We have created a new wine excursion and it will be launched for the first time on June 8th. The destination will be Eger and it will be a great way to get to know the city better, and of course to get to know the wine production of the area. This excursion will be […]

Winefestival in Budapest soon

The International Wine Festival is one of the most popular festivals in all of Hungary every year. In 2011 you can visit this in the Castle area between September 7-11. Here you can taste a wide specter of Hungarian wines, and you can for sure eat some typical Hungarian festival food. More information about the […]

Hungarian winedinner

On our site presenting guided tours we also have an option named Winetasting. Since Hungary is a nation with an old and a very interesting wine culture we always recommend visitors to join us on one of our different wineprograms. The easiest program to join is the winedinner in the centre of Budapest. Here you […]

International Wine Festival coming up

Budapest International Wine Festival will start next Wednesday and last all the way until next Saturday (September 8 – 12). This is a great event bringing thousands of tourists to Budapest every year. If you like wine and would like to taste a whole lot, or only a little, Hungarian wine, this is the place […]

Some pictures from Szentendre

Last week during a half-day excursion to Szentendre we just made some pictures. They needed to use sandbags to protect the city from the Danube, and though it worked, they still had big trouble with ground water. During the excursion we visited a wine cellar. The water of course didn’t reach the building, but due […]