Budapest Wine Festival 2020

When will the famous Budapest Wine Festival be arranged in 2020? We have received the question several times already, and here is the answer!

Picture from the wine festival in 2018
Picture from the wine festival in 2018 – Zsolt Szigetvary

The annual Wine Festival arranged in the courtyard of the Royal Palace on the castle hill might be the most popular of all festivals in Budapest every year (if we do not include the Sziget festival). Here you can taste thousands of different wines made by large and small wineries in Hungary, and it is a fantastic place to learn more about the Hungarian wine culture. Would you like to check it out in 2019?

Budapest Wine Festival 2020 dates

September 10-13, 2020

Would you like to know more about the annual wine festival? Want to know more about entrance fees etc? Read our full article about the Budapest Wine Festival right here.

If you want to enjoy a nice wine dinner in Budapest instead, read more about our different wine tasting and wine dinner programs here.

New permanent tours to Balaton and Eger

Those who follow us on Facebook might remember that we arranged a maiden wine trip to Eger a while back. The maiden trip is now history and the tour has now turned into a permanent tour available throughout the entire year. In addition we have also launched a permanent wine trip to Balaton.

These trips are not made for wine experts, but for people who want to see more of Hungary and taste delicious Hungarian wine while doing so. The wine trip to Eger is brilliant for those who want some time in a city of 60,000 people in the north-eastern part of Hungary, while the Balaton trip is the trip for those who want to spend some more time in the car, but who will in addition to lots of delicious wine, also travel across the Lake Balaton on a boat and visit the special city of Tihany.

These trips are available from four participants and they are always private tour. We have however already received emails from some groups of 2 and 3 persons who want the trip, but since they are too few they hope for some others to join in with them. If you would like such a trip, but need some more people, just send us an email, we will register it, and if we have others looking for partners for such a trip on the same dates as you, then we will pair it up and arrange the trip for you in that way. If you are traveling with four people or more, we can arrange the trip without the need of others joining in, so just send us an email, and we will arrange the trip for you!

Wine cellar in Eger

Read more about the wine trip to Eger if you want to go north east, and read more about the wine trip to Balaton if you want to go south!

Wine trip to Eger on June 8th

Bolyki winery
Bolyki winery

We have created a new wine excursion and it will be launched for the first time on June 8th. The destination will be Eger and it will be a great way to get to know the city better, and of course to get to know the wine production of the area.

This excursion will be available for groups from 4 persons and up in the future, but on June 8th we invite you to come on the maiden trip which is open for everyone at special price. Departure from Budapest is around 9.30 in the morning and as we arrive in Eger we will visit Gal Tibor winery and Janos Bolyki winery. The latter was selected to be the gourmet winemaker of the year in Hungary in 2012 and both wineries have won lots of awards for their wines. During both wine tasting sections you will be served some small snacks to eat, and between the two wineries there will be a lunch in Eger followed by spare time to walk around and get to know the city of Eger.

The program will end in the Szepasszonyvolgy, a wonderful valley packed with wine cellars and small restaurants, making those still thirsty and hungry able to enjoy one of the greatest place in Hungary for some hours before departing back to Budapest.

The price for the excursion on the maiden trip on June 8th will be 24,000 HUF per person. In the future this price will be somewhere between 30,000-40,000 HUF. If you want to join in on the trip, contact us!

Ps: There will be a Scandinavian guide joining in on the trip, meaning that the information will be available in both English and Norwegian/Swedish…

Szepasszonyvolgy in Eger
Szepasszonyvolgy in Eger

International Winefestival 2012

The annual winefestival, also named the Budapest International Winefestival will be arranged between September 12th and 16th in 2012. The festival will be arranged at the same place as always, the area in front and the backyard of the Buda Castle. This super popular festival makes everyone happy, and you are invited to come enjoy it in 2012 as well. So if you want to taste a lot of Hungarian wines, and the best among them, come to this festival!

More information about the festival here: Budapest winefestival

Budapest International Wine Festival 2012
Budapest International Wine Festival 2012

Easter in Budapest

Easter is just around the corner and Budapest is waiting for you with great weather, some wind and lots of cool activities. It is often risky traveling in Easter, because you might end up at a destination where everything is closed and you can not really do anything.

Easter in BudapestIn Budapest there are great activities available every day and a popular activity such as the Szechenyi Thermal Bath is ope every day throughout Easter. When it comes to shopping most shops are closed on April 8th and 9th (Sunday and Monday), but except from that they are open every day. If you are looking for shopping on April 8th and 9th, we suggest that you join us on an excursion to Szentendre.

In Szentendre all shops are open (even on April 8th and 9th) and here you will be able to combine a wonderful atmosphere with wine tasting, shopping, marzipan museum and a little guided tour. Read more about the tour here!

If you are thirsty because of the nice weather you can also come on a brewery visit on April 8th and 9th. The big wine dinner and the excursion to Etyek is also available on these days (and all other days during Easter).

Most Budapest museums are open during Easter, so if you are looking for some knowledge about a special topic, read more about the different Budapest museums. One of the best museums in Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts is open every day during Easter.

For some Easter is not only about sightseeing, museums and excursions, but it also serves as the foundation for their lives; the belief in the birth, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If that is you, it might be interesting to know that there are several churches where you can attend Easter services in Budapest.

In St. Stephens Basilica there is a service at 10.00 on April 8th, and there are services there at 8.30, 10.00, 12.00 and 18.00 on April 9th. This is the nicest location for an Easter service in Budapest. If you would like to attend a more charismatic church then another church has service at 10.00 on April 8th, while Calvery Chapel has services at 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00 on April 8th.

Budapest is waiting for you with amazing and wonderful Easter programs. Come join us, and enjoy the beauties of the Hungarian capital, some delicious goose liver, and a beautiful panorama on one of the many trips on the Danube.

If you are looking for information on Easter market in Budapest, click on the text. If you would like to go on a river cruise in Prague instead, click here.

Read more about Easter masses in Paris here

Winefestival in Budapest soon

Winefestival in Budapest 2011
Winefestival in Budapest 2011

The International Wine Festival is one of the most popular festivals in all of Hungary every year. In 2011 you can visit this in the Castle area between September 7-11. Here you can taste a wide specter of Hungarian wines, and you can for sure eat some typical Hungarian festival food.

More information about the wine festival at our wine festival page.

Hungarian winedinner

On our site presenting guided tours we also have an option named Winetasting. Since Hungary is a nation with an old and a very interesting wine culture we always recommend visitors to join us on one of our different wineprograms. The easiest program to join is the winedinner in the centre of Budapest. Here you get a delicious five course dinner (of course Hungarian dishes) accompanied by six Hungarian wines. Recently one of our Danish friends who reserved such a dinner through us wrote the following feedback:

The winedinner was totally fantastic. The place was extremely nice and the waitor treated us nicely and explained us thoroughly about the wines we drank and about the dishes we ate. The food was totally amazing and I don’t think I have ever gotten so much food for one meal ever. The menu was as follows:

Goose liver pathèe
Tarragoun ragout soup of veal
Grilled Catfish with fresh salad
Venison stew with potato croquettes
Crepes with fresh fruit filling with vanilla sauce

It was a fantastic evening and I will for sure recommend this program to others. There is though one thing that you need to pay attention to… be hungry as you arrive!

International Wine Festival coming up

Wine Festival Budapest
Wine Festival Budapest

Budapest International Wine Festival will start next Wednesday and last all the way until next Saturday (September 8 – 12). This is a great event bringing thousands of tourists to Budapest every year. If you like wine and would like to taste a whole lot, or only a little, Hungarian wine, this is the place to go.

We have made an event page for Budapest International Wine Festival, and there you can find more information about opening times, entrances fees and so on.

Budapest International Wine Festival

Some pictures from Szentendre

Last week during a half-day excursion to Szentendre we just made some pictures. They needed to use sandbags to protect the city from the Danube, and though it worked, they still had big trouble with ground water. During the excursion we visited a wine cellar. The water of course didn’t reach the building, but due to much water in the ground, the cellar still was “attacked” by water and work was being done getting the water out as we were there tasting the delicious Hungarian wines! The guests didn’t mind, in fact the truly enjoyed both the wine cellar, the guided tour inside it, and of course the wine!

More information about the half-day excursion to Szentendre

Some Szentendre pictures

Szentendre - still much water
Szentendre - still much water
Szentendre - Belgrad church
Szentendre - Belgrad church in the background
Szentendre after the flood
Szentendre after the flood