The Árpád-Stripers then and now: Holocaust Museum

Árpád Striped flag in Budapest
Árpád Striped flag in Budapest

A new temporary exhibition is coming to the Holocaust Museum in Budapest. The exhibition is called “The Árpád-Stripers then and now” and it is for sure an exhibition that has something to say in todays political situation in Hungary discussing the origin of the Árpád-striped flag and the famous Turul bird. This sounds interesting, so I hope I will be able to visit it myself!

The Árpád-Stripers then and now
Holocaust Museum
November 27, 2009 – February 28, 2010

Some words about the exhibition from the organizers:
After 1990 extreme right-wing groups have appeared in Hungary, which openly own Arrow Cross and Nazi traditions, too. This can be well observed in the adoption and emulation of the symbolisms of the right-wing movements in the interwar period in general, and in the 1930s and 1940s in particular. The successors today either do not know, or, what is worse, they know perfectly well what symbols they are using.

In the exhibition the Árpád-striped flag, the flags of Kings Emeric, Saint Ladislas and Mathias Hunyadi and of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi, as well as the turul bird are displayed as historical relics, which have nothing much in common with today’s usage.

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