Wine festival opening today

From today (Wednesday) until Sunday the International Wine Festival of 2013 will be arranged in Budapest. Following the tradition from 2012 the first day is grey with rain in the air, but that should not keep anyone from visiting this interesting festival.

In 2013 the subject of the festival is Women and Portugal. In general the topic does not really influence the festival to much, except from the fact that there will be a corner or an area inside the festival area where you can get to taste quite a lot of wine from Portugal, so that can be interesting.

Some practical information about the festival

wine festivalThe entrance fee to the festival is about 2700 HUF. You will then get a wine glass which you can use inside the festival area. If you plan on visiting the area for more than one day you can of course buy a festival pass valid for the entire festival period.

At the festival you can taste thousands of different sorts of wine and this is a great place if you want to get a basic introduction to Hungarian wines, and inside the area you can of course taste some of the best kinds of Hungarian wines as well.

As always the festival is arranged in the Castle area, in front of the Castle, behind the Castle and in the backyard of the Castle.


You can read a report from the Wine festival in 2012 in the Budapest blog if you wonder what the festival is like.

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