Some pictures from the “Horse and Puszta program”

Are you a fan of beautiful horses capable of doing special and nice maneuvers? Check out the Horse and Puszta program, because if you visit it, that is exactly what you are going to get… and so much more.

Because, at that program you will not only find talented horses, but talented riders, a whole lot of fun, and the best goulash soup in Hungary. Here you can see five pictures recently sent to us by one of our visitors who recently enjoy this program.

Want to check it out yourself? Read more about it here.

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Check out the Volt Festival in Hungary

As we already wrote in our previous articles, we can not imagine a boring summer in Hungary. There are lots of programs we can choose from either in Budapest or in other smaller towns in Hungary.

If we just want to have a nice summer holiday in Hungary, but we are not really interested in festivals and the nightlife of Hungary, because we are traveling with family, Hungary is still a perfect get away for those who love long, warm days with a perfect summer weather, restaurants and bars! During summers Hungary is offering many concerts, festivals and other occasions as well.

Volt 2014

Arctic Monkeys – coming to VOLT in 2014

Volt Festival

This festival is truly one of the best and most popular one in Hungary! Festival season starts with Volt festival generally in the beginning of July. Visitors are welcome from 2nd July until 6th of July. There is an extra day, the warm up day on 1st of July. The festival takes place in Sopron which is a small city just right to the Austrian border, 220 kms from Budapest the capital of Hungary. Until 16th June you can get your tickets on discount. You can have VIP tickets so you can enjoy the live party and concerts from the VIP grand stand and have all the access to the VIP area, you can buy single day tickets and 5 days and 4 days pass too and if it was not enough you can even combine your Balaton Sound tickets with your Volt Festival tickets too. This year like all the other years there are plenty of worldwide known artists and bands, not only foreigners but you can also enjoy the Hungarian bands performances as well. This year’s biggest names are Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, the swedish Icona Pop, Woodkid and many others too. Shower and camping possibilities are for free for all the visitors.

If you want to know more about the festival, prices and bands go to the official site and get your tickets now!

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Balaton Sound: Another cool festival in Hungary

A summer in Hungary is always impossible to be boring. In fact there are many possibilities to enjoy the long, warm days in this country. During the Hungarian summers there are plenty of programs, concerts and festivals to choose from.

In the previous article we already mentioned the Sziget Festival, which takes place in Budapest the capital of Hungary. However this is not the only festival we can attend. The one i want to write about is Balaton Sound.

Balaton Sound

Coming to Balaton Sound 2014

Balaton Sound

There are more than 5 festivals during the summers in Hungary and one of the most popular one of course is Balaton Sound. This festival will be held in Zamàrdi, which is a little Hungarian city just next to Lake Balaton. Usually the festival is around the first weeks of July, this year Balaton Sound opens its gates on 10th July until 13th July. One of the best things about the festival, not only the famous artist and bands performing on stage or the whole night long parties with the best music, but during the hot days you can easily just cool yourself down in one of Europe biggest lake. This year’s announced bands and artist are for example David Guetta, who has been to Balaton Sound before already, Martin Garrix or Maya Jane Coles.

If you want to have a real big party, with lot of music, fun and laughter with your friends you can not miss this festival. Check out for more information about the festival, the prices and about the bands and buy your tickets now

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Hungary’s most popular festival!

Sziget Festival, the island of freedom

Hungary has some really good festivals during summers. Probably the most popular one is Sziget fesztivál which is always held in the beginning of August every year since 1993. This year Sziget will take place on August 11th-18th in the Hungarian capital Budapest! If you never visited Budapest before it is a really good opportunity to go and spend an amazing time in this beautiful city during the festival.

Sziget 2014

The festival will be held on the beautiful island (Hajógyári sziget, that is why the name Sziget) in the very heart of Budapest. Sziget provides non stop party, lot of live concerts with worldwide known artists and bands. The festival attracts around 400,000 people from all around the world. There are not only concerts during the festival, but Sziget gives you a real festival feeling with many other cultural programs like theater, circus and other venues as well.

If you want to know more about Sziget, visit our site about the Sziget Festival.

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Fly with Norwegian to London from Budapest

The Norwegian airline named Norwegian is about to launch a new destination from Budapest. Until now Norwegian has only connected to Budapest to their bases in Scandinavia, but this summer they will launch a direct flight from Budapest to London Gatwick.

This is a big and interesting step for the Norwegian company, making them enter into the Hungarian market, not only competing on travels to Scandinavia, but also fighting for travelers going from Hungary to the UK.

If you are going to the UK, visit and check if they might have the best prices available for you!

Fly from Budapest to London

And if you are going to London, check out the London Guide for more information about the English capital.

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Which is the best five star hotel in Budapest?

It is a great question, and there are probably many answers to this question. If you click the link you will find a similar article posted by Budablogger a while back, and our answer will probably reflect his answer as well.

In general it can be said that the hotel in Budapest said to be the most luxurious hotel is the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. However, due to its location we are a bit reluctant to giving it the highest score. But, if luxury is the thing, that is your hotel.

Marriott Budapest

We would probably stay in Marriott if we came to Budapest looking for a five star hotel!

If you want more modern, big and beautiful five star hotel with view towards the Danube, just between the Chain Bridge and the Elisabeth bridge, then Marriott is the number one option. The Marriott hotel also has a very good restaurant inside named Peppers!, so combining the luxury, the location and the restaurant on the inside, it might be that we would actually book a room in Marriott if we came to Budapest ourselves and we were looking for a beautiful five star hotel!

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Free usage of Metro 4 until Sunday evening

Today is the day… the day when Metro 4 will open in Budapest. From 12.00 today, until Sunday evening it will be free to travel with the new metro line in Budapest, so if you are in town make sure to check it out!

The new metro line will travel from Kelenföld Városközpont to Keleti Pályaudvar, making eight stops in between the two stations. This will hopefully make it even easier to get from A to B in Budapest for tourists, because the metro system is easy to use and understand. To make everything easier, you can also find the new metro map for Budapest here! Enjoy!

Budapest Metro Map
Click the map for a bigger version!

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Airport transfer fares to rise witin shortly

We just wanted to tell you that the prices on our airport transfers are about to rise a little bit. As of now the prices are very cheap, meaning that it is cheaper to book a taxi through us than to just find any cab on the airport.

However, due to the fact that Budapest Airport is making it impossible to park for even 1-2 minutes at the airport without having to pay a parking fee, increase in gas prices and also the kilometer prices for transport in Budapest rising, we have no other option than to change our airport transfer prices. So, if you want to book an airport transfer still with the old prices hurry up, because from April 1st the prices will change!

Budapest airport transfers


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Torkos Csütörtök on March 6th in Hungary

The neverending story named Torkos Csütörtök, or Gluttonous Thursday, is returning in 2014 as well. On this day you can eat and drink at half price in more than 800 restaurants all across Hungary, and it is a day when restaurants are packed to the rim with people.

If you are in Budapest on March 6th make sure to check it out and visit one of the restaurants participating in the program. Not all restaurants do, but quite a lot, so the chance of bumping into restaurants participating as you walk around in the streets of Budapest is in fact quite big.

There are no lists available yet with the names of the restaurants participating in the Torkos Csütörtök in 2014, but it will come within shortly, and we will write more about it then!

Torkos Csütörtök in Budapest

Torkos Csütörtök in Budapest

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Mangalitsa Festival Budapest

Probably it’s not a secret for anyone, Budapest’s beauty is not the only reason, this is a famous city, because the gastronomical experiences are very important too. The next occasion where you can fill your stomach with great food is the 7th Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest between 7 and 9 February 2014.

The mangalitsa is one of the most outstanding pig type and a real Hungarian animal. It’s very easy to recognize, because in contrast to domestic pig, it has curly hair on its whole body. So it’s not only delicious, but also beautiful! Mangalitsas have live in Hungary since the Middle Ages, and they are still very popular for the local and neighboring people as well.

In this year the Szabadság Square will give the Mangalitsa Festival’s home again. Visitors could see living animal exhibition, taste the delicious sausages and cheeses, but naturally we can’t forget about Hungarian national drink, the pálinka and the fantastic wines are also waiting for you. Besides the exhibitions and great meals and drinks, there will be a stage too, where foreign visitors could meet the Hungarian pop and folk music. Moreover the whole festival is free!

If you have a plan to visit Hungary, you definitely shouldn’t skip the 7th Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest what is a great program with family or friends as well. The atmosphere will be guaranteed, the foods will be fantastic, so you won’t be disappointed!

More information in the Budapest Events Calendar

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