2014 European Women’s Handball Championship

Euro 2014 Handball

Euro 2014 HandballThis year in 2014 the European Women’s Handball Championships will be held again. It will be the 11th time the international handball tournament for women’s national team will be organised by the European Handball Federation, and this time it will be arranged in Hungary and Croatia.

The European Handball Federation, the EHF is the umbrella organisation for women handball in Europe. The organisation was founded in November in 1991 and the head of the organisation is based in the capital of Austria in Vienna. The European Handball Federation has 50 members such as Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Norway, Holland, Spain, Switzerland and so on and two associated federation England and Scotland as well. The organisation was founded in November 1991 in the capital of Germany in Berlin. The organisation is responsible for the different tournaments in Europe and it organised the Men’s and Women’s Handball Championship as well.

The EHF is also responsible for beach handball and to expand the attraction of handball in schools apart from organising the world championships and tournaments. This year the European Women’s Handball Championship will take place in December. The two hosting countries will be Hungary and Croatia in this year. The international tournament will be held from 7th December in 2014 until 21st December in 2014. 16 teams will be presented at the European Championship.

The games will take place in the Hungarian capital in Budapest and in two smaller Hungarian cities Györ and Debrecen. In Croatia the games will be held also in the capital, in Zagreb and in two smaller cities in Croatia, in Varaždin and Osijek. In Budapest the games will take place at Papp László Budapest Sportaréna which has the capacity of 12500 persons, in Györ it will be at Audi Arena with the capacity of 5000 persons and in Debrecen at Fönix Hall with the capacity of 8500 people. In Croatia, in Zagreb the games will be held at Arena Zagreb which hosts around 15200 people, at Varaždin Arena where around 5200 people can gather and at Gradski vrt Hall which can host around 3500 persons.

European Championship groups

In group A there will be Hungary, Spain, Russia and Poland, in group B will be Norway, Denmark, Romania and Ukraine, group C will include Sweden, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands and group D will be Montenegro, France, Serbia and Slovakia. The first game of the 2014 European Women’s Handball Championship will be held 7th December in 2014 at Audi Arèna in Györ in Hungary. The game will start at 18.00 in the evening.

During the final weekend matches will be played in Budapest, in the Budapest Sportarena. If you are in town and want to do some other cool programs, and maybe do some shopping at the Christmas market in Budapest, read around in our Budapest Guide for information on lots of cool activities and programs.


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