The “Gastro Walkway”


GasztrosetanyThe event Gasztrósétány will take place in Budapest. The Gasztrósétány is a gastronomical event in the heart if Budapest. The event will be open for four months and it will offer the best products for all the visitors.

At the event visitors will have the opportunity to try the best Hungarian meals and drinks. In that four months at the gastronomical event more than 200 Hungarian food producer will present their best and most delicious foods and drinks and at the event visitors will have the chance to discover the traditional dishes and drinks as well. The best quality pálinka and a wide selection of the best Hungarian wines will be offered at the market. There are four topics during the four months.

In November the focus will be on the Belvárosi Liba and Újbor Fesztivál which is about the best wines and the most delicious meals made of goose. December is the period of Christmas and the Christmas Market with the best presents and mulled wines. In January the Belvárosi Disznótor is waiting for all the visitors and in February there will be the Belvárosi Sajtfesztivál where the most delicious cheeses will be presented to all the visitors. Among the best foods and drinks there will be plenty of other programs and activities waiting for everyone. The four month long festival will take place in the central of Budapest at Erzsébet tèr.

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