Robbie Williams almost in Szeged October 20

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams

I just read in Metropol some days ago that Robbie Williams is almost coming to Szeged October 20. In a way he is, because his London concert that night will be transmitted and shown live in the Central Cinema in Szeged that night. That means that Robbie Williams fans can see Robbie’s London concert live that night in Szeged. Inside the borders of Hungary Szeged is the only city giving this opportunity.

The concert is supposed to start at 21.00 (Hungarian Local Time) and the ticket price is around 5000 Hungarian Forints.

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2 thoughts on “Robbie Williams almost in Szeged October 20

  1. white says:

    hey man, ive a question for u , im studyin in university of debrecen and need to know good time for change money ! around 4 or 5 thousands euro ? in winter or summer ?!

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    Hey White! Thanks for writing 🙂 The time for changing money doesnt really have to do with season (summer/winter), but it depends on the currency and its curent values. At the moment the Hungarian Forint is quite strong compared to some months ago, but it seems quite stable right now around 270 (1 Euro = 270 Forint).

    So it might be that you can wait until the voting in 2010 (that might influence the Forint value positively or negatively), but if you do not want to wait, I would probably just go for it. But I am not a financial councellor, so it might be people who know more about this than me.

    But, most places give special rates if you change loads of money, so be sure to ask about that!

    Forint / Euro – Changing

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