What is the price of a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt in Budapest?

I am going to Budapest and would like to buy a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt while there. How much does it cost?

There are quite a lot of products you can buy in the Hard Rock shop in Budapest, but if you want to buy the traditional short armed Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts with white or black color the price is 7700 HUF per t-shirt. If you are new to Budapest and do not really know how much this price is in other currencies, then we can tell you that with the actual exchange rates of today this is:

6500 HUF is in American Dollars about 31USD. If you come from Great Britain and London then the price is about 20GBP (Sterling). For those located within in a country with Euro the price is approximately 25 Euro. This may of course change from time to time, but currently the HUF is very strong, but that can change within days, and then the price of the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt will feel cheaper to people arriving from abroad.

Most people buy Hard Rock t-shirts because they collect. If you don’t then you should probably not buy one in Budapest, because the price is really high. If you go to other stores you will find normal t-shirts at much lower prices, so you can probably buy 2 t-shirts for the same price as the t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe. But if you collect, then money is not a question, and of course you should buy a t-shirt!

Good luck, and we hope this answer can help you!

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Europeum – New shopping centre in Budapest

Europeum shopping
Europeum shopping

Did you know that the name of the newest shopping centre in Budapest is Europeum? It isn’t a big one, but the location is better than most other centres in Budapest. Europeum is located at Blaha Lujza Tér, at the same spot as the old Népszabadság building was located. The grand opening was on April 14th, and it is a nice place to drop buy if you need to do some shopping, or just to check out what it’s like.

There are not many shops inside Europeum, but there is one giga-Müller store, H&M and some other nice shops, cafes and a hairdresser.

More information and from EuropeumShopping in Budapest

Gaudí Jeans & Style opens in Arena Plaza

A new quite famous fashion store has come to Hungary and they have recently opened their first shop in Arena Plaza. The Italian store named Gaudí Jeans & Style will have special clothes for both men and women, and also some accessories in their shop. Besides Gaudí Jeans & Style visitors can enjoy shops such as Zara, H&M, Salamander, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pinky, so on a rainy spring day (when the sun is not shining), why not visit Arena Plaza?

Shopping in Budapest

Arena Plaza
Arena Plaza

People come to shop in Hungary

People from Slovakia are packing their bags together and every weekend they cross the border to Hungary to go shopping. Due to the week forint and strong Euro the prices has made it worth for them to come to Hungary shopping. The prices are around 20 % lower than back home in Slovakia, so therefore they come to shop clothes and groceries.

In a shoppingcenter in Györ one of the leaders said that around 20 % of the customers in the weekend come from Slovakia. On the other side of the border the shops are though complaining. Until now the Hungarians went there to shop, but now the Hungarians do not come, and the Slovakians come to Hungary… double miss!

We wrote an article about this earlier, what these price differences mean… you can read that article here (it has several interesting examples showing how much money you can save).

Weak forint and strong Euro
Currency in Hungary

Which shopping center has the best christmas decorations?

The 20th of November I wrote an article called “Christmas in WestEnd citycenter” and I also added some pictures to it. Yesterday I visited Arena Plaza, and made some pictures there as well (see below). Though Arena Plaza is the newest, WestEnd Citycenter is probably far more popular than Arena, much because of its great location (compared to Arena). But, since I first was there I thought I would compare which of them has the best christmas decorations inside. As can be seen on the pictures from Arena Plaza, they only had these round, colored orbs, while WestEnd has those colored orbs, but in addition those rectangular, golden stars… which I really like! So, based on this, my winner is WestEnd Citycenter…

If you disagree, or prefer the christmas decorations in another shoppingcenter, feel free to write a comment!

Pictures from Arena Plaza (for WestEnd pictures, go here)

Arena Plaza Christmas chaos A lousy christmas tree Christmas in Arena

Starbucks, Costa Coffee and others to come to Budapest

Starbucks BudapestPages with news about Budapest have in the latest days written about Costa Coffee coming to Budapest. The Italian-started, UK-based Costa Coffee, will open their first coffee shop in Budapest, in Vaci Utca, in early December (which means now). Some pages reported that a Starbucks will be opened as well, though this is probably wrong… Starbucks will only arrive around march/april in 2009, hopefully. With both actors entering the Hungarian market we can be prepared for good coffee and war between the giants. For those who have visited our “Fastfood” page it is possible to see that we have been waiting for Starbucks for a long time, and hopefully we do not have to wait so much anymore.

Lately we mentioned that Cavalli has come to Budapest, next Monday Vertu is supposed to open, and in the near future the fashion shops Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and menswear retailers Zilli and Z Zegna are supposed to come to the city as well. Sounds great, doesnt it? These shops will be located in the Fashion Street area and in the Andrassy Út which is getting more and more exclusive. Though, I was surprised today as I read in an article (read it here) that there are days when Louis Vuitton and Gucci does not sell anything at all in Budapest. But, I guess with their prices they do not need to seel to many articles a month to survive!