The Hungarian Song Day / Magyar Dal Napja 2013

Want to get to know more about Hungarian Music? Visit Budapest on the Hungarian Song Day (Magyar Dal Napja) on September 8th. There will be programs in several venues and you can get an impression of the diversity in Hungarian music if you enjoy the programs available on this day.

We recommend our next program for those, who like music and open to the foreign music, and consider it no problem if they don’t understand the lyrics. In Hungary the Hungarian Song Day has been arranged since 2008, and so it is coming back in 2013 as well. The program’s date is 8 September 2013 in different cities in Hungary. However the center of the festival is a Hungarian little city, Békéscsaba, but of course the capital Budapest will be turned into a musical paradise on this day in addition to many other cities.

Magyar Dal Napja 2013

Those who visit Budapest could run accidentally or direct into one place or program of the Hungarian Song Day, The famous Akárium club in the heart of the capital, at the Erzsébet Square will give place to the Jazz Song Stage, where jazz lovers could listen their favorites. On the tram number 4’s tramway the Hungarian yellow tram change to Melody Tram one week before the main day, and this nostalgia tram will deliver the musicians. The Duna Palace, which built in the 19th century and it was a casino, will provide classic music for the fanatics.

Do not miss the Hungarian Song Day on 8 September 2013 in Budapest or in other city in Hungary. Meet the Hungarian culture’s music from the expressly traditional to styles from overseas. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed! Have fun!

Budapest places of the Hungarian Song Day 2013:

Akvárium Club – Jazz stage
Blokk Creative Center – center of musicians, actors and artists
Budapest Jazz Club – singer girls, girly songs
Budavár Culture House – Bem Rockpart
Duna Palace – Classic stage
Fonó Buda Music house – Folk music stage
Kobuci Garden – World music stage
Museum garden – Song lyrics stage
Óbuda Social center – choir, singing together
R33 – Hungarian underground bands
RaM – Rock music stage
Rocktogon – Hungarian rock bands
Újpest – Junction stage
Víg Theatre – Pop festival 40

Hungarian Song Day 2013

September 8th

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