Rod Stewart Budapest 2010 [Free concert]

Rod Stewart Budapest concert 2010
Rod Stewart Budapest concert 2010
Rod Stewart will come to Budapest June 2010 to perform at the annual Kapcsolat-concert (Connection-concert). This is a sponsored concert so there is no entrance fee, which means everyone can get to hear Rod Stewart perform for free. This normally leads several hundred thousand people to Budapest every year.

The free concert will be arranged in Budapest June 26th, and the event will start at 19.00.

The concert is arranged at the 56-osok square, which is located just behind the Art Hall, which is located at the Heroes Square in Budapest.

Rod Stewart Budapest
June 26th, 19:00

Since the concert is free, why not spend some money on a delicious wine tasting?

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  1. Budapest Guide says:

    Since the concert is free there are no tickets. It might be that there are some VIP tickets, I do not actually know… but if you just want to listen and enjoy the concert you only need to go to the area where the concert is arranged and listen! Enjoy 🙂

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