Budapest Beerfestival 2011

Budapest beerfestival
Budapest beerfestival

Budapest is a city of great festivals, and this year between August 25 and 28 a new festival will see the light of day in the capital of Hungary. Budapest Beerfestival will be arranged in the backyard of the Castle, and this is a festival where you can taste a mixture of Hungarian beers and international beers. There will be several other programs, concerts and artists on the spot.

Budapest Beerfestival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)
August 25th-28th
Dayticket: 1650 HUF
Festival ticket: 4990 HUF

Opening times: 12.00-03.00 (with some small variations)

Other festivals and events in Budapest

Sziget Festival 2011

In 2010 the dates for the Sziget Festival were August 11-16, and in 2011 they will remain almost the same. The official dates are August 10-15, and then there will for sure be some kind of events added August 9th, and maybe even August 8th.

So, if you are ready for a big party in 2011, you better visit the Sziget Festival. For more information about the festival, artists, dates, tickets and so, visit our Sziget Festival page.