Easter Market in Budapest 2020

Budapest is well known for their beautiful Christmas Market with an incredible atmosphere at the Vörösmarty Tér in Budapest. Though it is not a big one, it still has a magical atmosphere and lots of good food. When it comes to Easter many people visit Schönbrunn in Vienna for the annual Easter market there, but Budapest has never been known for any special Easter market.

Hungary in the Euro 2020 in Handball!

The European Championship in Handball is currently arranged in Austria, Sweden, and Norway, and the Hungarians surprised us all and won their initial group. That was a giant surprise, especially considering that they have to play against the Danes, the team considered to be the best in the world currently. After the initial stage, Hungary […]

More than 16 million passengers used Budapest Airport in 2019

Budapest Airport enjoyed a very good year in 2019. They have a higher rate of growth than most other airports in Europe, and it was the first year ever they passed more than 16 million passengers in one single year. The total amount of passengers arriving and departing Budapest Airport was 16 173 489. The most popular […]

Budapest selected as the best destination in Europe in 2019

Based on votes from more than 200,000 users, Budapest was just voted the best destination to visit in Europe in 2019. When are you coming? My first thought after reading about the results was that “probably all of Hungary voted for this to happen.” During the European Championship in football in 2016, the Hungarians did […]

It’s time for the Summer Olympics – cheer for Hungary!

Hungary in Summer Olympics 2016

Few Hungarians expected success and glory during Euro 2016, but Hungary surprised. With the Summer Olympics approaching Hungarians expect much more! In the period between August 5th and August 21st there will be more than 100 Hungarians traveling to Brazil and to Rio to defend the glory of Hungary. During the London Olympics in 2012 […]