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Budapest selected as the best destination in Europe in 2019

Based on votes from more than 200,000 users, Budapest was just voted the best destination to visit in Europe in 2019. When are you coming? My first thought after reading about the results was that “probably all of Hungary voted for this to happen.” During the European Championship in football in 2016, the Hungarians did […]

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Book your Budapest hotel much cheaper!

We all want to save money wherever it is possible. We like to pay for quality, but if we find the same quality and the same product cheaper somewhere else, we like to purchase the product in the cheapest possible way. And then comes the question – why pay more than needed for the hotel […]

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Demonstrations in Budapest

Are you coming to Budapest in the coming days, or maybe you are here already, and now you are worried after reading and hearing about violent demonstrations in Budapest the last days? So, what is the truth? What is it all about? And will you be in danger as a tourist? First of all, the […]

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Election in Hungary

Election in Hungary on April 8th

On this upcoming Sunday, on April 8th, it is time for elections in Hungary. Do you need to know anything about the election if you come to Hungary? If you come to Hungary as a tourist, you will most likely not even notice that it is election day. You will for sure see political posters […]

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Hungary in Summer Olympics 2016

It’s time for the Summer Olympics – cheer for Hungary!

Few Hungarians expected success and glory during Euro 2016, but Hungary surprised. With the Summer Olympics approaching Hungarians expect much more! In the period between August 5th and August 21st there will be more than 100 Hungarians traveling to Brazil and to Rio to defend the glory of Hungary. During the London Olympics in 2012 […]

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Sculptures in Budapest Zoo

Chinese lights in Budapest Zoo

It has been on for quite a while, but everything good has to end. The Chinese lights in the Budapest Zoo will be available until May 22nd. Here you can see some pictures. If you visit Budapest Zoo in the evenings then you can now enjoy beautiful lights inside animals and sculptures. It is a […]

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watch euro 2016 in budapest

Where to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest?

Are you going to visit Budapest between June 10th and July 10th? Or maybe for a few days, but you just have to watch your favorite team. This is where you can watch Euro 2016 in Budapest! Let us first assure you that it will be very easy to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest. First […]

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Shopping in Budapest on SUndays

Sunday shopping returning to Budapest

Since March 15th in 2015 all shops in Hungary had to remain closed on Sundays, with a few exceptions. This law however did not last too long, and as of April 17th 2016 shops are free to stay open on Sundays again. The entire matter of closed and open stores on Sundays has had 100% […]

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Castle of Buda

Lots of Budapest in Strike Back season 1 episode 10

We love Budapest in films and TV series and if you want to see a lot of Budapest then Strike Back season 1 and episode 10 is perfect to watch for you. Strike Back is an action TV series, quite similar to 24 and it also reminds us a bit of NCIS: Los Angeles. In […]

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Netflix in Hungary

Netflix has arrived to Hungary

There has been news on the Internet telling that Netflix is getting closer to launching in Hungary, but it still caught us by surprise as Netflix launched on January 6th. In other words you do no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in Hungary, because if you visit Netflix you can start […]

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