A visit to La Pampa in Budapest

Last week, we had the chance to enjoy a magnificent dinner in La Pampa Budapest. We hadn’t been to the restaurants since its opening almost 10 years ago, and discovering that they recently moved into a new location made us want to pay the restaurant a visit again. So, what was La Pampa like? Is La Pampa worth a visit?

If you do not know anything about La Pampa, let us first introduce it to you as a steakhouse in central Budapest. It can be found along a busy road (though you do not notice that at all once you are on the inside), and very close to the metro station Arany Janos utca. This is one of the most elegant restaurants in Budapest as it has a very nice interior, and it is perfect for an important business meeting, just as well as a nice dinner for a group of friends, or for a group of men who wants to see who can eat a 550 gram steak in the shortest amount of time.

A picture from the very elegant inside of La Pampa Budapest
A picture from the very elegant inside of La Pampa Budapest

What we ate in La Pampa

During our meal in La Pampa, we decided to start slowly with a Carpaccio de Lomo. This is “finely cut Angus steak drizzled with a chimichurri sauce .” I have got to say that it was really tasty and nice, and especially the Hungarian pepper (paprika) combined with the rocket salad was delicious.

But, I almost forget, after placing your order you are always served a mild starter, a fresh piece of bread with some spicy butter, freshened up with some tomatoes. In some restaurants, this is freezing cold and impossible to apply to the bread, but here it wasn’t only soft, it was very tasty and nice as well.

The first thing you are served in La Pampa Budapest
The first thing you are served in La Pampa Budapest

When it was time for the main course to come, we ate a T-Bone steak and a normal rump-steak. The meat was very nicely prepared, and especially the tenderness of the T-Bone steak was amazing. No wonder why people long to eat such steaks during a visit to a steakhouse like La Pampa.

You get hungry watching this, don't you?
You get hungry watching this, don’t you?

In addition to the steaks, we also had some green pepper sauce, some onion rings, and some potato croquette. These are favorites of ours, and we loved them. One thing that has changed since the last time we visited La Pampa, is that they have changed the onion rings, making them even better, crispier, and tastier than they were before.

Crispy and tasty onion rings in La Pampa Budapest
Crispy and tasty onion rings in La Pampa Budapest

Just like in other steakhouses, you can ask to have your steak prepared in the way you prefer. In the end, a small cow is placed on your stake to show you the preparation level. This is a cool little thing that especially children find to be funny as they can play with the small cows before/while/after eating!

A black cow means well done in La Pampa.
A black cow means well done in La Pampa.

The desserts in La Pampa are easy to like, and the prices are all around 3-4 Euro. In other words, it is easy to finish your meal with a brownie, a Creme Brulé, or maybe with a chocolate souffle with mint taste? We tasted the latter, and it was like eating After Eight. In other words, a perfect treat for those who like the combination of chocolate and mint.

A chocolate souffle with mint...
A chocolate souffle with mint…

The interior of La Pampa

There is no chance to sit outside as you visit La Pampa, but they do have some very nice tables by the windows which will give you a nice view towards the street and what’s going on out there. But, La Pampa also has some magnificent rooms with space for individual guests or larger groups, giving the restaurant a total capacity for around 160 guests. But, do not forget to reserve your table in La Pampa as it often ends up completely packed during the evenings.

Modern, beautiful, and stylish interior.
Modern, beautiful, and stylish interior.

Should you visit La Pampa?

La Pampa is a very nice restaurant with high quality food, well-skilled waiters, and a very nice interior. It is good pick for a nicer dinner on any evening, and it can also be used for groups who want to eat a dinner together in a private room with space for 40-50 people, or just someone at a stag-party who want to eat a solid beef before the party goes on.

The price level is just what one would expect in a steakhouse. The starters vary in price between 5 and 10 Euro, while the main courses vary between 10 and 60 Euro. The desserts all cost around 4-5 Euro.

We had a great time in La Pampa and it is a restaurant that we can warmly recommend if you want to dine in a similar way when you come to Budapest!

Book a table in La Pampa Budapest

Would you like to eat an elegant steak dinner in La Pampa Budapest? Fix your table reservation in La Pampa Budapest right now, and have a table prepared and waiting upon arrival to La Pampa in Budapest.

La Pampa is a fantastic steak restaurant in Budapest located near the St. Stephen’s Basilica, and just by the Arany Janos utca metro stop (blue line). It is a really elegant restaurant with a beautiful interior, and one of the top places to visit for a steak dinner in Budapest. Would you like to arrange with a table reservation in La Pampa today? Fill in the forms beneath and we will reserve a table in La Pampa for you and send you a confirmation of your table reservation within shortly.

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Make sure to select La Pampa as your restaurant in the drop-down box with all the other restaurants. If you want to eat in another steak restaurant instead, you could, of course, consider Pampas Steakhouse, but La Pampa is a much more elegant restaurant with a nicer interior. The prices at the two restaurants are exactly the same.

Fix your La Pampa Budapest table reservation today to eat a T-Bone steak like the one you see on the picture!
Ready for a T-Bone steak in La Pampa? Reserve a table in La Pampa Budapest today!

Where is La Pampa located?

The restaurant is located along a very busy street, but you will not feel any of this as you get on the inside of La Pampa. There you can enjoy your meal in quietness and in peace. The restaurant has seating space for more than 150 people, but be aware, it is often fully booked during evenings, so make sure to reserve a table in La Pampa as early as possible.

If you travel by metro, just use the blue line and leave the metro at Arany Janos utca (and now try to pronounce that station name if you want to get a smile on your face). Once you get to the surface, walk across the street, and you will be ready to dine in La Pampa right away.

La Pampa price level

La Pampa is expensive, but that is because the raw material also costs a lot. The desserts are cheap, and the starters are also reasonable. If you do not want to eat steaks, they have chicken main courses costing around 10 Euro.

  • Starters: 5-10 Euro
  • Main courses: 10-50 Euro
  • Desserts: 4-5 Euro

You will find exclusive Kobe steaks and more at the menu, so this is a perfect selection for an exclusive dinner in Budapest, or just for a very good steak dinner eat Rib-Eye steaks, Rump steaks, N.Y. Strip, Sirloin, Porterhouse, or some other delicious meat.

If you want to read more about other restaurants in Budapest, or maybe find out more about possible wine programs in Budapest, click the link.

Book your La Pampa table in advance

We mentioned it earlier, La Pampa is a very popular restaurant, and even though they have space for lots of guests, it still gets full regularly. You should, therefore, reserve your table in the restaurant as quickly as possible.

La Pampa is open on December 31st as well, but if you want to dine in La Pampa on December 31st, you better reserve a table at least a month in advance (probably more) to get a free table. They run with their normal menu on this day (not a special New Years Eve menu or something like that).

Share your La Pampa experience

Have you been to La Pampa in Budapest? How did you enjoy your experience? We would love to read more about your stay and hear how you felt during your stay? Not only are we curious to hear about your stay, but there are for sure other visitors reading this article considering right now whether to reserve a table in La Pampa or not, and they would for sure love to hear more about your stay in the restaurant!

New Years Eve offers for 2011

New Years Eve in BorLaBor?
New Years Eve in BorLaBor?

We have recently started updating our page with information on different restaurant offers for New Years Eve in 2011. So far we have offers and menus and price information from La Pampa, Pampas Steakhouse, Mátyás Pince, Karpátia, BorLaBor and Kaltenberg, and more restaurant are to come on our list within shortly.

So if you come to Budapest for New Years Eve, check out the list, and once you have found the offer pleasing to you, send us an email and we will help you with the reservation.

Budapest on New Years Eve

Newest steakhouse in Budapest – La Pampa

Hamburger in La Pampa Budapest
Hamburger in La Pampa Budapest

March 17th, 2011, a new steakhouse opened in Budapest, La Pampa. First we though this was to be a big opponent of Pampas Steakhouse, but later it turned out that the ownership is in fact the same. So, why open a new restaurant? Better to compete with yourself, than with someone else, probably! And La Pampa can in fact serve as an improvement of Pampas. The interior is much more modern and elegant, and this is probably more suitable for an important business dinner than Pampas. And since we quite often experienced that Pampas Steakhouse was fully booked during weekends, this can take some of the customers to La Pampa which will make it easier to get a table, maybe!

The menu is almost the same (with a few differences), and the prices are the same… and the quality, also the same!

If you are in need of a table reservation at either Pampas Steakhouse or La Pampa, visit our table reservation page!