Bobby McFerrin Budapest 2010

Bobby McFerrin Budapest
Bobby McFerrin Budapest

Bobby McFerrin is a very popular jazz musician and singer. He has performed together with major celebrities around the world, and he is the man behind the famous “Don’t worry, be happy” song which ruled the hit lists in the 80s. Now he is coming to Budapest where he will perform in the SYMA Hall. The concert will be arranged August 22nd, and it starts at 20.00.

Bobby McFerrin Budapest
August 22nd, 2010 – 20:00

Tickets: WorldTicketSHop

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Strike still going strong

The public transportation strike which we have written about several times already is still going strong and most buses, trams and trolley buses in the capital of Hungary are still standing still. Some of them are going and you can read more about that in our former post.

I guess the taxi companies enjoy the strike as they probably have much more to do than under normal circumstances, but it would be nice if they could finish this strike within shortly.

One addition to the strike is the fact that MAV (train company) has joined into the strike and especially in the early morning many trains stand still and do not transport passengers!