Apocalyptica Budapest 2011

So you are an Apocalyptica fan? I guess that is why you are reading this text in this very moment. And since you are reading this, you are probably interested in knowing when Apocalyptica will perform and play and sing in Budapest? Well, the answer is: February 23rd, 20.00 in Petöfi Csarnok. Satisfied now? Apocalyptica […]

Merry Christmas from Budapest

We wish all our friends all around the globe a merry, merry Christmas! May this be a wonderful day for you, your friends and your family, and may the joy of Christmas fill your hearts and souls on this day. “Do not fear. For behold, I give to you good tidings of great joy, which […]

European Killfest Tour Budapest 2011

European Killfest Tour is a great event for those who like some hard core music. The event for the Budapest event is March 11th, starting at midnight in Petöfi Csarnok. Among the bands featured at this event you can find Overkill, Destruction, Heathen and After All. European Killfest Tour Budapest 2011Petöfi CsarnokMarch 11, 00:00 Budapest […]

Balaton Sound 2011

If you want to rock in Zamardi in 2011, then visit Balaton Sound. This annual festival is a real hit among young and old. The exact dates for the festival in 2011 is July 7 – July 10. For more information about artists, programs, prices and more, check out our Balaton Sound page.

No more Zona Taxi at Ferihegy

For quite some years Zona Taxi has taken care of transporting tourists from Budapest airport, named Ferihegy, to their respective hotels and destinations all around Hungary. Now the time when Zona Taxi ruled the airport is over and instead Fő Taxi is doing the job. The price level remains the same and I guess there […]

Kristály confectionary: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“. Kristály confectionary 1082 Budapest, József körút. 53. Kristály confectionary is a cosy confectionary along the Great Boulevard, located next to where the boulevard hits the Baross Utca. Here you can buy cakes from a quite rich selection, […]

New Friday’s and Starbucks in Budapest

Last weekend a new Starbucks opened in Mammut Budapest, the nice shoppingcenter on the Buda side. That means Budapest now has two Starbucks‘ and as we all know the third will open within shortly in Király Utca. Not long ago a new Friday’s restaurant opened as well, which means Budapest now has four Friday’s restaurant. […]