What is the currency of Hungary?

One of the most important subjects a blog can write about is money; everyone is interested in the subject and everyone likes to have money, and most of us like it even more if they have a lot of it. Since Hungary is not the largest and most important country in the world, many people […]

Budapest in December

After a slow and quiet Budapest in November, December once again comes with life and romantic atmosphere to Budapest. The month first of all has to do with the preparations for Christmas as people come to Budapest to visit the annual Christmas market and to buy Christmas present for their loved ones at home. Others […]

LaciPecsenye review

LaciPecsenye is one of the very cool and modern restaurant in Budapest in these days and after 1 ½ year located in Hegedus Gyula utca (13th district in Budapest) it recently moved into its new localities at a much better location, on the square in front of St Stephens Basilica. In this article you can […]

Good books about Budapest

There are lots of good books about Budapest out on the market, but it is not always so easy to find them. If you are a tourist you will probably find yourself looking for a travel guide with maps and useful information on the inside. If you are an expat living in Budapest you might […]

My top 3 Budapest winter hotels

It’s January and it’s cold outside. The wind is blowing and even though the thermometer shows a temperature of 4 Celsius, it feels like minus 10 and I dream of a hot chocolate and some warm goulash soup. When life is like that and its winter, where should I stay in Budapest? The following three […]

Why (unemployed) Hungarians need to get busy blogging!

Hungary is a nation where many people have problem finding jobs and once they find a job, the salaries are not the way you want them to be. Based on these two facts I believe that Hungarians need to get busy blogging. For most people a blog will not bring an awesome income within seconds […]

Budapest in February

After January comes February and with February comes another month not listed as a favorite month among those working with tourists. And that is why February can be such a great month to visit Budapest – you will be a treasured guest in this period of the year! First of all Budapest welcomes you with […]

Three restaurants I would visit in Budapest as a tourist

Yesterday I received a question on Facebook from one of the many Budapest blog followers on Facebook. She is coming to Budapest with her boyfriend in February and wondered if I could recommend 2-3 bars/restaurants worth visiting. I have not selected these three restaurants because I believe them to be the best three of Budapest […]