Christmas markets in Budapest 2016

Autumn is here and the Christmas market is approaching. But, when will the Christmas markets in Budapest open? Here are the dates for the Christmas markets in Budapest in 2016. There are two big and famous Christmas markets in Budapest. One is located at the Vorosmarty square in the center of Budapest, while the other […]

More places to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest

We have already written an article telling you where to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest, but since then we have even more suggestions for you, so keep on reading! If you have not read our former article yet then go ahead and read that first. We still believe that the Szabadsag square in the heart […]

Where to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest?

Are you going to visit Budapest between June 10th and July 10th? Or maybe for a few days, but you just have to watch your favorite team. This is where you can watch Euro 2016 in Budapest! Let us first assure you that it will be very easy to watch Euro 2016 in Budapest. First […]

Macaron Day in Budapest 2015

The annual Macaron Day will be held again in Budapest in March 2015. This will be the fourth time the Macaron Day will take place in Budapest which is inspired by the Jour du Macaron that takes place in Paris and the Macaron Day which is held in New York. What is macaron exactly? Macaron […]

The most romantic places in Budapest

Budapest is truly one of the most romantic cities in Europe which has the most beautiful and romantic spots and has countless programs for the love couples during a holiday. So in this article we will list some of the nicest place in Budapest. Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion) which is located on the Castle hill and […]

Fish Festival in Budapest 2015

This will be the third time the Fish Festival (Budapesti Halfesztivál) will be held again in Budapest and it is the perfect time to try the best Hungarian dishes with fish. This year the festival will take place in the end of February when Torkos Csütörtök will be held as well. The festival presents the […]