Inception in Budapest cinemas

Last Thursday was the premiere day for Christopher Nolans new film Inception in Budapest cinemas. In the main roles you find Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Berenger and Michael Caine. I must admit that this was a film I did not really want to […]

VIP-cinema in Budapest

Yesterday I visited a VIP-cinema in Budapest for the first time in my life. I got to see Ice Age in 3D while sitting in a very comfortable chair. But before I entered into the room to see the film I could enjoy some other advantages of my VIP ticket […]

Angels & Demons – World Premier in Hungary

Angels & Demons is coming to cinemas around the world, and it will have a world premier in Hungary. Well, that might seem super and it is. The premier will be May 13, and no nations in the world will have premier before that. So that is why we dare […]

Bolt 3D in Budapest cinemas

This Thursday Bolt entered the cinemas in Budapest, and we watched the new Disney film Friday evening in Palace WestEnd. There you have the chance to see it both in normal 2D and in 3D, so we went for the more expensive version, and checked out Bolt in 3D. Bolt […]

The Duchess, in Budapest cinemas now

Keira Knightley always plays in strange and old fashioned films. Sometimes I like them a lot, and sometimes I dont. Some weeks ago I watched The Edge of Love in the cinema, and I did not like it at all. Before that I saw Atonoment, and I really enjoyed it. […]

Australia in Budapest cinemas

Just after Christmas Australia was launched in the cinemas of Budapest, and it is not often, but for some days it was three films that I wanted to see in the cinema (which does not happen often). The first was Bedtime Stories, the second was the “The Tale of Despereaux” […]

Bedtime Stories

A good laugh is said to extend your life. Going to cinema should therefore extend your life, at least if the film is a funny one. Adam Sandler is supposed to be a funny guy, and when I saw his name as the main character in the film, I knew […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still

When I went to the cinema to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” I did not have to high expectations. The last Keanu Reeves film I saw in the cinema was “Constantine”, and I remember only the fact that in my eyes it was terrible. With that in my […]

Whats up with James Bond?

Some weeks ago I mentioned in the blog that James Bond was going to have its premier in the cinemas of Budapest. Yesterday I was able to see the film myself, and I watched it with very low expectations. The reason was that I really did not like Casino Royale, […]