Pálinka Festival in Budapest 2015

Palinka festival 2015In the spring of 2015 Budapest will give home to one of the most popular gastronomical festival the Pálinka Fesztivál.

The annual Pálinka Festival this year will open its gates again in the city on a larger area with even more exhibitors and products to show. Pálinka is a typical Eastern European beverage, a fruit brandy which is popular mostly in Hungary, Romania, Austria and in Slovakia. It can be made of any local fruit but the most common ones are plum, pear, cherry, apple and apricot. This year apple stands in the focus of the festival which means visitors will have the chance to try the best home made apple pálinkas and there will be also delicious dishes related to apple as well as other apple beverages. Apart from these at the festival visitors can enjoy the concerts of the various street musicians and colourful jazz shows as well.

The Pálinka Fesztivál will be held from the 7th May to 10th May 2015 in Budapest at Városháza Park. The entrance to the festival is free. If you want to know more about whats on in Budapest, read this article.

Varoshaza Park

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Sziget Fesztival line up in 2015

Sziget 2015Sziget Festival is definitely one of the biggest and also the most popular festivals in Hungary. Sziget Festival also became the best festival at the European Festival Awards in 2014 and the festival also became one of the largest music and cultural festival in whole Europe. So if you want to be part of one of the best program during summer visit Sziget Festival where you can enjoy the best parties, concerts, colourful and various cultural programs including cinema, dance and theatre, bungee-jumping, different sport activities such as volleyball and so on.

Good news for all the Sziget lovers, the festival announced 20 new performers of Sziget in 2015. With the colourful and diverse programs Sziget offers visitors can experience every music style that is existed from punk-rock and electro to pop and soul.

20 new artists coming to Sziget in 2015

20 artists have just been added to the list of artists coming to sziget in 2015, and those are: Alesso, Beatsteak, Dotan, Dropkick Murphys, Foals, Foxes, Future Islands, Gentleman & The Evolution, Halestorm, Interpol, Knife Party, Marina and the Diamonds, MO, Nervo, Paloma Faith, SBTRKT, Selah Sue, The Maccabees, Typhoon, Vitalic Live, William Fitzsimmons and Yellow Claw. For full list, visit this article.

This year Sziget Festival takes place from 10th August to 17th August in 2015 in Budapest. If you want to know more on the line up of Sziget in 2015, the programs and on the tickets please visit the official site for more useful information on the festival.

International Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival 2015) will go strong again in the start of September in 2015. Make your preparations and come visit Budapest for the annual wine festival!

Wine festival 2015

The Budavári Borfesztivál (International Wine festival ) is one of the most popular wine festivals in Budapest which is held each year at the breathtaking Buda Castle. This will be the 24th Budavári Borfesztivál which is one of the most visited wine festivals in the life of the city. Hungary is known by its wines and at the festival visitors will have the chance to try the best Hungarian wines from all over the country. At the wine festival over 200 wineries will present their most delicious wines and the festival represents all the Hungarian wine regions and the 140 different grape varieties as well.

The main goal of the festival is to show the great variety of wines to the visitors. Alongside with the wines the festival also hosts the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes as well. Apart from the wine tasting and eating the festival offers countless programs and activities for all the visitors. During the festival multiple concerts, various performances, games and children activities are waiting for everyone.

The 24. Budavári Borfesztivál will take place in the capital city of Hungary in Budapest at the Buda Castle with a beautiful view over the Danube and the city. The festival will be held from 9th September to 13th September 2015.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014

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Fish Festival in Budapest 2015

Fish festival BudapestThis will be the third time the Fish Festival (Budapesti Halfesztivál) will be held again in Budapest and it is the perfect time to try the best Hungarian dishes with fish.

This year the festival will take place in the end of February when Torkos Csütörtök will be held as well. The festival presents the different types of fishes living in the various lakes and rivers in Hungary such as the fish from the Danube, Tisza, lake Balaton and so on.

The festival mostly focuses on the traditional Hungarian specialties but at the festival visitors also have the chance to try several different international dishes with fish as well. At the festival visitors can try the traditional Hungarian fish soup (halászlé) but there will be sushi, Russian caviar, French fish soup and English fish and chips as well. Apart from the most delicious fish plenty of various programs and activities are waiting for the visitors at the festival.

This year the third Fish Festival will take place in Budapest at Vajdahunyadvár from 19th February to 22nd February in 2015. The entrance for the festival is free for everyone.

Budapest XIV. district

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Balaton Sound 2015

Balaton Sound is another popular festival in Hungary during the summer. The festival takes place at Zamárdi which is a small city right next to lake Balaton. In 2015 the Balaton Sound will be arranged between July 9th and July 12th.

Balaton Sound 2015

Balaton Sound is held every year in the beginning of July in the summer and in 2015 the festival will open its gates again from 9th July until 12th July in 2015. Just like Sziget and Volt Festival Balaton Sound is also one of the most visited festivals in Hungary and every year the quality of the festival gets better, apart from the greatest concerts and parties Balaton Sound also offers a wide selection of other programs for the visitors.

An extra that the festival is just right to the lake Balaton where you can cool yourself down during the day time when the weather is boiling hot. The programs and concerts for next year has not been announced yet but like in every year the visitors can except the best performances and the most popular musicians, singers and DJs.

Last year’s biggest names were David Guetta, Wiz Khalifa, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Martin Solveig, Rita Ora and so on. If you want to know more on the programs and concerts of last year check the following site where you can get the newest infos on the festival, the concerts and the tickets as well.

Volt Festival 2015

Volt FestivalVolt Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Hungary which takes place in the beginning of summer every year since 1993.

Volt Festival is always held in Sopron which is a city really close to the Austrian border. The festival is held in the first week of July and it will be like this in 2015 as well. At the festival several music genres are represented from rock through hip-hop, jazz to electronic music. Apart from the countless concerts at the festival there are other programs and cultural event as well. The next year’s programs, artists and musicians are not fully settled yet but there are already some news on the programs and concerts.

So far in 2015 visitors can enjoy the concerts of John Newman, Parkway Drive, Rise Against, Motörhead, Parov Stelar Band, Lilly Wood & The Prick and Àkos (Ákos is a Hungarian singer). 2014’s most popular bands and performances were the Arctic Monkeys, Icona Pop, Hurts, 30 Seconds To Mars, MGMT, Woodkid and so on. At Volt Festival you will have the chance to get to know the most popular Hungarian bands as well.

Next year, in 2015 Volt Festival will be held from 1st July in 2015 until 4th July in 2015 in Sopron, Hungary.

If you want to know more on the festival, the programs and concerts of last year or you want to check out some pictures of the festival visit the following site.

Sziget Festival 2015

Sziget 2015Sziget Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Hungary although during the summer Hungary has plenty other festivals to choose from such as Volt Festival, Balaton Sound and so on.

Every year the festival opens it gates for the visitors in the capital of Hungary in Budapest. The festival takes place on an island called Hajógyári-sziget in Budapest in every August since 1993. The festival like in every year so far will be held in 2015 from 10th August to 17th August. The festival offers a wide range of various programs and concerts from different artists and musicians from all over the world. The festival popularity grows every year and it attracts thousands of people from the four corner of the world. The programs and concerts are not announced in 2015 yet but Sziget always has the most popular and unique musicians and singers. Last year’s most popular performers were Prodigy, Macklemore & Ryan, Placebo, Outkast, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Lily Allen, Deadmau5, Korn, Blink-182, Bastille, La Roux and so on. There are also different tickets you can buy from the different daily passes to the weakly passes.

If you want to be part of one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Europe then you can not miss Sziget Festival in Budapest. If you want to know more about the festival and find other useful information, visit our page dedicated to the Sziget festival.

Sziget Festival 2015

August 10th – August 17th

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Budapest Spring Festival 2015

The Spring Festival will open its gates again next year and the festival will take place in the capital of Hungary in Budapest from 10th April in 2015 until 26th April in 2015.

Spring Festival 2015
Spring Festival 2015

This is one of the most popular cultural events in Budapest which takes place at different points of the city. As in every year in 2015 the visitors can choose from a wide selection of various programs during the festival such as concerts, theatre performances, folk music and different children activities as well. At the Spring Festival there will be plenty of concerts, musicales, operas, different dance performances. At the exhibition visitors can listen to the best concerts of the different orchestras, philharmonics, musicians and singers such as the Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok, Denis Matsuev and the Hungarian National Philharmonic, David Sanborn Band, Kirill Petrenko and the Bavarian State Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Philharmonia Orchestra and so on. The Spring Festival in Budapest will be held from 10th April in 2015 until 26th April in 2015. Tickets for the concerts and the festival are already available.

For more information on the Spring Festival in Budapest check the following site or the official Budapest Sprint Festival site.