Hotels recommendations for March

Spring has arrived in Budapest. This is a great time to visit the Hungarian capital, and here you can find some hotel recommendations for March.

Below you can find a list presenting good hotels with great prices in Budapest in March. They are all centrally located, and have good prices currently. Not all hotels include breakfast in their prices, so make sure to check this out if it is important to you. Good luck and see you soon in Budapest!

– Le Meridien

Hotel President
Eurostars Budapest Center
Carat Boutique Hotel

Star Inn Hotel Budapest Centrum
Hotel Erzsébet

If you want more information about some of the above mentioned hotels, and maybe read more about other Budapest hotels as well, check out our Budapest hotels-page.

Some Hungary pictures

We have just added some Hungary pictures to our Facebook profile, so we thought it would be nice to add some more Hungary pictures to our blog as well. The pictures beneath this text are taken in Vác and from the Bánki Lake, both found north of Budapest, and both great places to visit!

Some Hungary pictures

Main square of Vac
Main square of Vac
Church in Vác
Church in Vác
Cathedral of Vac
Cathedral of Vac
Bánki Lake
Bánki Lake
Tribe leaders of Hungary
Tribe leaders of Hungary

Hungary worlds 33 best nation to live in

Hungary the 33rd best nation in the world
Hungary the 33rd best nation in the world

The famous and popular magazine Newsweek has just recently published their list describing 100 nations and their standard of life. Based on eduction, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment they have made up their lists presenting the best and the worst places to live in of those 100 nations investigated.

The winner was Finland, followed by Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Japan and as number 10, Denmark.

Hungary ended up in a 33rd place, after Slovakia and Estonia, but before Lithuania and Costa Rica. The worst five nations were Uganda, Zambia, Cameron, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

See complete results and statistics

Some pictures from Pannonhalma and Hollókő

The summer is a great time for excursions in Hungary! Many Hungarians travel towards Lake Balaton to spend their summer holiday there, while others travel around to visit cities and areas they have never seen before.

One kind of tourists are those so called “World Heritage” tourists. They check out every single World Heritage site in a nation, and then travel on to check out more in other nations. If you are interested in World Heritage sites, then you have 8 places to visit in Hungary: (by clicking on the links you will leave our Budapest Guide, and move on to our Hungary Guide)

  • Budapest
  • Caves of Aggtelek Karst
  • Fertö Cultural Landscape
  • Hortobágy National Park
  • Necropolis of Pécs
  • Old Village of Hollókö
  • Pannonhalma
  • Tokaj Wine Region

We have recently posted pictures from Hollókő and Pannonhalma on our Facebook profile, but under this text you can see some of these pictures here as well! You can see more pictures from Pannonhalma and Hollókő by visiting the Hungary Guide.

Pannonhalma and Hollókő pictures

Historical articles about Hungary

Franciscan church at Ferenciek Square in Budapest
Franciscan church at Ferenciek Square in Budapest

This weekend we added some historical articles about Hungary to our “Hungary Guide“. They might not be very interesting for the majority of our visitors, but if you are interested in history, and especially in monasticism and monastic life, then this is for you. The articles we wrote feature information about monasticism in Hungary, and about the most important different monastic orders active in Hungary in the past, and still today.

Check it out, if it sounds interesting 🙂

Hungary Guide – Monasticism in Hungary

Hungary Guide on the way

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton
Our Budapest Guide remains true to its name and remains a Budapest Guide. Earlier we had some information about World Heritage sites in Hungary included in our guide, but this has now been removed from our page. But, the information has not been thrown away. In fact, it has gotten into a more correct and better environment, in our new Hungary Guide which is to contain information about Hungary, outside Budapest.

The Hungary Guide is still quite “poor” and it lacks a lot of information, but hopefully we will be able to gradually update it with entertaining and useful information.

The design is familiar, the same as our Budapest Guide has!

Hungary Guide

Megadeth Budapest 2010

If you are ready for loud music and some real heavy music, then Megadeth is the concert to visit in Budapest. They will perform in Petöfi Csarnok June 20th 2010 and this will be a dazzling event for Megadeth fans in Hungary. If you would like to be there, use the link below for ticket information and prices.

Megadeth Budapest 2010
Petöfi Csarnok
June 20, 19:00

Tickets: WorldTicketSHop

Other events in Budapest

Concerts and events in Madrid

Heavy snow expected

Last Saturday Ferihegy Airport had to be closed down for some hours due to heavy snow and bad weather in Budapest. Starting from this evening heavy snow and cold weather is again expected in Budapest and all of Hungary, so it might be that things will be delayed tomorrow. The weather is expected to last until Sunday evening.

In addition there will probably be lots of snow everywhere, so tomorrow might be a day to spend in a day spa or somewhere else.

Enjoy life and enjoy Budapest in any case!

Current weather in Budapest

Budapest Blues Festival 2010

Budapest Blues Festival is coming up in Budapest and it will be arranged in the Petőfi Csarnok February 27th. The event will start around 16.00 and on the artist list you can find:


Budapest Blues Festival 2010
Petőfi Csarnok
February 27, 16.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

Events and concerts

From Degas to Picasso: Museum of Fine Arts

If you would like to see masterpieces from French painters painted between the middle of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century, you better head towards the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest between January 28 and April 25. During that period there will be a temporary exhibition there presenting more than 50 paintings from the given period. All the paintings are borrowed from the Puskin Museum in Moscow for this exhibition.

Among the paintings you can see masterpieces made by Courbet, Corot, Degas, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso.

From Degas to Picsso
Museum of Fine Arts
January 28 – April 25, 2010

Budapest museums