Apocalyptica Budapest 2011

So you are an Apocalyptica fan? I guess that is why you are reading this text in this very moment. And since you are reading this, you are probably interested in knowing when Apocalyptica will perform and play and sing in Budapest? Well, the answer is: February 23rd, 20.00 in Petöfi Csarnok. Satisfied now? Apocalyptica […]

European Killfest Tour Budapest 2011

European Killfest Tour is a great event for those who like some hard core music. The event for the Budapest event is March 11th, starting at midnight in Petöfi Csarnok. Among the bands featured at this event you can find Overkill, Destruction, Heathen and After All. European Killfest Tour Budapest 2011Petöfi CsarnokMarch 11, 00:00 Budapest […]