The Illusionists in Budapest

Now you see me, now you can’t! This is a great magician quote, and after that it is time for magic. I November the show named the Illusionists will come to Budapest and for three days they will amaze people as they perform in the SYMA Csarnok in Budapest.

The illusionists Budapest

The initiative to collect the world’s best magicians to one group popped out from two American producers’ head. The members are Italian, American and English and everybody has a special ability. There is mentalist, escape artist, wizard and inventor too. The Illusionists’ world premiere was in 2012 at the Sydney Opera House and it had huge success. After that the world’s number one magician group has captivate Australia, Asia and America; now they will visit to Europe to charm the audience here too. This is actually a big achievement, because this type of entertaining wasn’t too popular out of Las Vegas. These talented magicians have already charmed the legendary David Copperfield too.

However it is true, the November end date is not exactly a travel time, but we warmly recommend you the Illusionists’ show between 22 and 24 November 2013 at the SYMA Arena in Budapest. The overwhelming show would be great fun for adults and children too! Have fun!

The Illusionists Budapest

November 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Syme Csarnok

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Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2013

Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen, music lovers near and far! A real celebrity will arrive to the capital of Hungary, to Budapest, on 9 November 2013, to fill the Budapest Sportarena’s stage with love emotion and music. This man is no other, but the Italian romantic hero, Andrea Bocelli.

Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2013

Bocelli was born in 1958 in Italy. As most people surely know, the talented tenor is blind, caused by a hereditary disease. This tragedy didn’t ruin Bocelli’s plans to reach their desire. After several instruments he tried the God-given instrument in his throat, his voice and he found his own way. When he was young he could pay the singing master, because he played on piano in bars and he studied law studies in Pisa. Bocelli’s style originates from the master’s feeling about pop music and opera and the result is the mix of these two types. With this shake Bocelli became famous in classis and pop music circles either.

Bocelli’s last album released in the start of year 2013, January, the title is Passione and it is full with beautiful love songs. The Italian tenor worked together with famous stars like Jennifer Lopez or Nelly Furtado.
Hungary is very lucky, because Bocelli usually gives only a few concerts in a year and in 2013 Budapest will be one of the stations, so visitors could hear the old classics and the new miracles too in live on 9 November 2013 at the Papp László Sportarena. Have fun!

Andrea Bocelli Budapest concert

November 9th, 2013
Budapest Sportarena

Tickets: Viagogo

Nickelback concert Budapest 2013

Nickelback concert Budapest 2013Most tourists like to travel to Budapest, because besides that this city is very historical with the old buildings, modernism arrived here too. In addition the city has loads of programs waiting for its visitors.

Those who likes culture could visit museums, where they can see amazing exhibitions, the gourmets could taste the local specialties and those who wants to party, could find great concerts in the city. Our next article is about a great autumn program, the Nickelback’s concert in Budapest.

The Nickelback is a Canadian band, founded in 1995. The members are Chad Kroeger singer and guitarist, Mike Kroeger bass guitarist, Ryan Peake guitarist and vocalist and the past drummer Brandon Kroeger. The new drummer is Daniel Adair since 2005. The Nickelback released several albums during their almost 20 years career, so they released a Greatest Hits album in 2012. But the band wants the fans could hear their favorite songs in live, so they are going to start a worldwide tour in this autumn, and of course they will visit Europe too. One station will be no other, but the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

You definitely should come to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Spend some day here, visit the most favorite attractions, taste the delicious meals and drinks, and after that have a great party at 8 November 2013 with the Nickelback at the Papp László Budapest Sportarena in Budapest! Have fun!

Nickelback concert Budapest 2013
November 8th
Budapest Sportarena

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Bruno Mars Budapest 2013

One of the most popular pop singers of this year will concert on 7 November 2013 in Budapest. The young singer was born in 1985 in the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu. His mother was a child when she moved to Honolulu from the Philippines, and his father moved to the Pacific island from Brooklyn.

Bruno-MarsHis father played on Latino drum instruments, and his mother was a hula dancer, so it might guess from where he inherits his talent. He was quite young, when he started to deal with music, soon after he became the world’s youngest Elvis-imitator, and after he played in the film, Honeymoon in Las Vegas, he formed the young Elvis Presley. After he finished the secondary school he moved to Los Angeles, where he firstly became a recognized music producer and song writer and he worked with stars, like Travie McCoy, Adam Levine, Brandy and Sean Kingston, but he worked on Flo Rida’s worldwide famous song, the Right Round. But the real success occurred after his work with B.o.B. on the song “Nothin’ on You” and with Travie McCoy on the song “Billionaire”. Both hits reached top ten places on several point of the world.

However he released only two albums, he got several awards, for example Grammy in the “Best Man Pop Singer” category, the ASCAP’s “Song of the Year” award, the Billboard, BRIT Award, the American Music Award, the MTV Music Award and the People’s Choice Award too.

Don’t miss your chance, come to Budapest, spend a wonderful day in the city and see Bruno Mars, how he shakes up the audience of Papp László Sport arena on this cold November night!

Bruno Mars concert in Budapest

Budapest Sportarena
November 7th

Tickets: WorldTicketShop – Viagogo